Thursday, 11 February 2016

STAR WARS: The Force Awakens but I m asleep...Zzz...

After watching all the Star Wars episodes, the plot for 'The Force Awakens' remains. Many scenes are predictable based on past episodes...What a spoiler  >:-( With the lack of creativity, the 'dark side' wins. 

The Light Saber has become so cheap that it is readily accessible and even be used by an ex-Storm Trooper! Another victory for the 'dark side'.

The costume for Princess Leia has backfired like the explosion of the Star Killer...Ka...Boom...!!! She looks shorter than short, larger than large and bulkier than bulky :-O I feel sad for her much anticipated return :-(

Apart from COLOUR, Rey's costume is good ;-) ! It has almost all of the winning elements of a good garment. 'V' ribbed and waisted are ideals that are elegant rough character. Yippe!!! ;-O I like this!!! I am awaken here :-)

In conclusion, Rey's Force is not enough to over weigh the 'Dark Side'. If you are not a Star Wars fan, leave this out. May I awaken in the next episode...Zzz...


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