Friday, 31 August 2012

Fashiolympic 2 / Fashioville

With the start of Paralympics two days ago, the party and fun starts all over! Inspired by Mandeville, the Paralympics mascot, this is better than the first. With the addition of metallic silver, I want to raise the profile and add more glitter to this unfairly underrated event. Now, the Victory Ceremony Uniform is more significant. What do you think?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Maybe living is dangerous...

DO NOT be judgemental. Read on first...

5 everyday habits that ruin your looks
Remedies and solutions to each and every beauty dilemma
RealBuzzRealBuzz – Fri, Aug 24, 2012 09:00 BST
There are lots of things we do every single day that ruin our looks, from washing our hair to talking to our friends. To make sure you stay looking pretty, fresh-faced and perfect, check out this list and make sure you don’t do any of these habits that ruin your appearance. If you do find some of your habits on this list, we’ll also give you remedies and solutions to each and every beauty dilemma.
Avoid bad habits ruining your looks
Everyday habit that ruins your looks: Sleeping 
Although every princess needs her beauty sleep, sleeping could be causing your skin to age unnecessarily.  The problem with sleeping is not the process itself (or those scary dreams where you kiss that hideous colleague of yours). The problem lies with your pillowcase. Surprisingly your pillowcase can draw moisture away from you and this can age skin. It can also leave unattractive lines over your face.
To combat your pillowcase problem dermatologists recommend you invest in a silk pillow cover. Silk contains amino acids, similar to those found in our moisturisers, so when we rest our heads for the night our skin is not losing any essential moisture. Problem solved.  
Everyday habit that ruins your looks: Applying makeup   
In the UK the average woman uses 12 beauty products a day, yet these beauty products could be ruining your looks rather than improving your appearance. When we apply our face creams, our expensive moisturisers and our foundation, most of us are guilty of doing so with our fingers. Although using your fingers is fine, how many of us clean our hands before doing so? Some of us may wash hands before applying makeup in the morning or the night, but not so many do so when they do the odd touch-up job.
This is bad news for our skin. Our fingers harbour bacteria and applying your products in this way causes bacteria to be transferred to you face, which can cause infection and spots. To prevent blemishes and still use your favourite beauty products make sure you use a hand sanitizer before applying your face creams or use makeup brushes.
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Everyday habit that ruins your looks: Drinking water
Although drinking water can help improve the way we look by nourishing our skin, the way we actually drink can make us look terrible.  Using bottles or straws to drink is something most of us do every single day, but did you know that drinking through a bottle or straw can age our skin? Drinking in this way can give us the same lines and wrinkles around our mouths that smoking causes. If you want to stay looking young and wrinkle-free it’s time you bought a glass to get your daily water fix and ditched the bottles and the straws.
Everyday habit that ruins your looks: Talking to your friends
If talking was an Olympic sport, we’d all be gold medallists by now and although we love kicking back and relaxing on our phones and chatting to our friends, your skin doesn’t. Think about the places we leave our phones. We leave them on cafĂ© tabletops, in the drinks holder of our car and on the seat in changing rooms. We leave our phones on shop countertops, we lend our phones to our friends and even leave them on the side in the public bathroom when we wash our hands.  
When you think about your phone in this way, it’s not surprising that phones can cause spots and blemishes.  To combat this problem use antibacterial wipes and be a little bit more mindful where you leave your phone next time you’re out and about.
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Everyday habit that ruins your looks: Washing your hair 
If you want to look hot and feel good the very least you need to do is keep clean, right? Well, although basic hygiene is obviously a vital part of your beauty regime you have to choose your products carefully. Within most shampoos and hair conditioners you will find a foaming chemical called sodium laureth sulphate.
Although commonly used, this chemical can damage your hair, your skin and your health. The Hair Loss Control Clinic explain that sodium laureth sulphate can even cause your hair growth cycle to decline and suggest the chemical can prolong your hair loss phase. So to keep your hair thick and luscious, choose products that do not contain this chemical, like organic shampoos and conditioners. 

...and the Dstysionist says, "Practise has no harm. If you cannot afford, you will still be pretty".


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Monday, 27 August 2012

Smart choice in smart mobile

Mobile Phone operating systems: Which is the right one for me?

With a uniform black rectangular shape, touchscreen, smattering of buttons and a rear camera, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all phones are the same.

In fact, the majority of smartphones use four distinct operating systems (or OS for short): Apple (iOS), Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry and Windows Phone.  Despite some common features -  like access to an app store and push mail - each OS has specific traits that will suit different users. Whether you are a beginner, business user, social networker, media consumer or simply price savvy, there is an operating system for you.


Apple (iOS): If you’ve never used a smartphone before, pick up an iPhone and within minutes you’ll feel comfortable using it. Each screen consists of rows containing apps, shortcuts and features, which you can move around.  The slick transition animations between screens give a real sense of navigation - it’s immediately obvious whether you have gone forward or back in menus. Couple this with the single Home button and it’s impossible to get lost in iOS.

Windows Phone: Consisting of a homescreen and main menu, Microsoft's Windows Phone OS is a fantastic choice for beginners.  It features ‘tiles’ that cascade vertically down the homescreen, some of which update automatically. These tiles can be moved around, so you can have features you use most near the top. 

Business user
BlackBerry: Business users need secure and reliable email - particularly when travelling so for many big businesses RIM’s BlackBerry OS is first choice. BlackBerry email is deservedly renowned for its secure encryption, along with remote wipe and device locate capability.

Apple (iOS): BlackBerry is losing ground to iOS. The iPhone includes Exchange Support for setting up corporate email, but surpassses RIM with its superior browser, usability and app support.

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Social networker

Android:  All operating system have Facebook and Twitter apps, but Android offers social networking widgets. Put the Facebook widget on your homesceen and your news feed will update automatically.
What separates Android from iOS, is its tighter integration with Twitter, Facebook and other services like Instagram, so you can quickly upload a photograph, share a URL or YouTube video. 
Android phones can easily synchronise contacts from online accounts, like Gmail and Facebook, into a single manageable list.

BlackBerry smartphones offer BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM for short. BBM enables BlackBerry owners to send instant messages to other users -  worldwide - using a pin number.  Many BlackBerry tariffs include unlimited BBM use, making it a cheap way to stay in touch.
BBM only works between BlackBerry phones, though with support for other IM services like WhatsApp and Google Talk and a QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry phones have the messaging edge.

Media consumer

Apple (iOS):
  The crown jewel of iOS is the Apple App Store, which offers the biggest selection of apps and games - over 650,000 -  many of which are free and exclusive to iOS.
iTunes is also packed with movies, TV series and music, which are downloadable directly to your phone. iTunes in the Cloud even lets you share media between iPhone and iPad automatically.

Android: The Google Play Store offers over 500,000 apps, movies and books, with music downloads on the way. The store is rapidly growing, but lacks the choice of Apple’s store and it’s not as user friendly.
Unlike iOS, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of handsets that run Android, all with different screen sizes and processors, so the user experience varies tremendously. Some games, movies and services will therefore only run smoothly on high-end phones.

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Price savvy

Android: Android is an open operating system, so any manufacturer can create handsets that run it and consequently it has more phones than any OS. With prices starting from £50, there is an Android phone to match any budget. Cheaper phones like the ZTE Kis (£50) and Huawei G300 (£99) have a slower processor and smaller screen than the Samsung Galaxy S3 (£499), but the overall feel is similar, with a web browser, widgets and access to Google Play Store apps like Angry Birds.

Windows Phone: If you want to save money but want a simple operating system, opt for Windows Phone. Microsoft is really pushing Windows Phone so there are some real bargains like the Nokia Lumia 710, which is currently £99 on pay as you go - amazing value for a 1.4GHz processor (the same speed as Android phones double the price) and 3.7-inch screen.

So whether you’re a novice, workaholic, social network addict, movie buff or simply a price-conscious buyer, there’s an operating system and a phone out there just for you.

NOW you can make the smart choice!


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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Fashiolympic - Victory Ceremony Uniform

With one (1) week to go to the London Paralympics 2012, this should have been the uniform. Inspired by the 'Union Jack', the blue theme is still maintained. However, the tone is lighter. Red and white are used to reflect energy and vibrancy. I would NOT insist this as the best design but definitely better than the official ones. There is still room for improvements. I gladly welcome them (^_^)

Friday, 17 August 2012

What are we doing, huh?

Another defeat? You will not die in vain! Victory is near...

Every little thing counts in the fight for victory. Never give up, never give in!

Bad news travels fast and good things comes in small packages. On a BRIGHTER note:

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Super Batman?

After 'Batman Forever', his profile just keeps getting higher. Gone were the days when citizens fear him, criminals flee upon his sightings and him disappearing soon after. I am unable to accept this new concept and glad this is the final of the trilogy. This is the main reason for not catching this one. This is my first review without actually watching this. Goodbye to my favourite superhero nights...   

...but I shall miss Catwoman. This will my main attraction should I decide to catch this underwhelming movie.

Assuming my manor has not destroyed, have Batmobile from Batman or Batman Forever, do away the Batpod and Bat, I am able to live my dreams for the good of Gotham.


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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Goodbye Wenlock & Mandeville... ToT


I have to agree with Daily Mail that I hate the London 2012 Olympics logo. Fortunately, these mascots made up for much of my love of this Olympics. Now that we have come to the end, I will surely miss them. May Wenlock and Mandeville leave a legacy and inspiration for British sports and design! J


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Friday, 10 August 2012

What is she up to :-O ?

I like Princess Beatrice's patriotic coloured coat in support of cousin ZARA PHILLIPS at London 2012 Olympics Equestrian event. The question is, "What is with  Princess Eugenie's gloomy one?"


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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pendleton peddling to...

This headgear is one of the best designs. It would be more outstanding if the Union Jack is more than half the helmet rather than just a small section on top. Nevertheless, it gave VICTORIA PENDLETON enough energy to peddle her way to a marvelous silver and TEAM GB Cyclists 'hyperformance'. No wonder London 2012 Olympics is called the 'Women's Games'. 


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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

More ZARA 'Fashiolympics' for you ;-)

More photos of ZARA during cross country event. Details of her uniform are very clear here. Maybe High Kingdom can do with a little costuming? ;-)

Smart, elegant and confident are words to express her in this photo during the individual event. Unfortunately, she did not bag any medals. Good show though ;-) 


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Monday, 6 August 2012

Sun Burst onto the floor... Boom!

This is by far the most vibrant and outstanding costume in London 2012! It is not only colour related but the rising sun-burst is creativity at its best. To the best of my knowledge, it is the ONLY national motif related costume in London 2012 Olympic Gymnastics. Here the Designer, Hiroko Koshino is flanked by gymnasts: From left, Kazuhito Tanaka, Kohei Uchimura (London 2012 Olympics Men’s Individual All-round Gold Medalist), Rie Tanaka (watch this pretty gal) and Yu Minobe. 



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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Golden girl JENNIS :-)

This dark coloured shorts may be for function. If not, the design previously was much better. Designs aside, "a big congratulations J to our record breaking heptathlon athlete, JESSICA ENNIS!" 


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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Run...jump... to World Record! ‘Wowmen’ power!

As British women athletes are working hard in records and medals, we are also posting more in recognising them. Hooray for them :-O 

Running and jumping in the 100m hurdles to a women’s heptathlon world record is mighty. This further proves that a mix of beauty and power does exist in JESSICA ENNIS J! Now, when we mention heptathlon, we picture JESSICA ENNIS, go...go...go...JENNIS!

Sheer delight after breaking the 100m hurdles to a women’s heptathlon world record (top) Happily high jumping (bottom) 

Her women athletic uniform is colouful and vibrant. It is much better than cyclists'. The design can be better by incorporating Team GB's 'Pride the Lion' mascot or logo. Then, not only will the colour but motif is instantly recognised as Team GB (Great Britain) athletes! 

Beauty and elegance is well represented here. The colour scheme can be better ;-)


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Friday, 3 August 2012

We are really in HIGH KINGDOM!

I like ZARA's horse inspection costume! So much of colour and feminine. It can still be improved. How attractive if most of our costumes are similar to this? ;-)

Wow! Is ZARA riding fast on High Kingdom or what in cross-country? I am still impressed by her effort and performance. Her costume seems a little bulky. I understand it is due to the riders' protective gear. It should be made more user-friendly. There should be more red and blue of the Union Jack for that energy boost.

She faired very well in the Individual and Team Events. She helped bag Silver for the latter. The show jumping round blazer is too black and conservative. It also absorbs too much energy (-_-)...zzz... Luckily the red top lapels and pocket seams help brighten her. A small change such as a Union Jack helmet may brighten things up and release her potential for gold! 

ZARA calming High Kingdom during the dressage stage...

...and here we go!

 I like the matching top hat and horse's cap ;-)

Acknowledging her fans in style.

With a first medal, an Olympic silver, for the royals in a Diamond Jubilee year, who says the royals are bad? It is time to apply fashion in sports for that royalty boost ;-)

ZARA doing her lap of honour for her fans ;-)


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