Sunday, 15 April 2018

Star Wars Episode VIII - MY Last Jedi

I have the impression the Star Wars franchise has achieve its goals because I am unable to search any official media for my review. I certainly did NOT look forward to this movie when I was given an invite. The force is true. So my review is the same as the last. Enjoy Star Warriors!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Whoopee ahead!

Chinese Lunar New Year of The Dog.

Though I do not pay ANY attention to China singers, something trigger my inspiration in this song, I Believe - JANE ZHANG. In this promising Whoppee Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dog 2018, I believe in me and my gift for all my fashionistas xoxo

Monday, 18 December 2017

Brand Story

I Design and STYle women using the art of illuSIONISTs to enhance their appearance bringing out the best style. It is from these passions that I came up with the 'DSTYSIONIST' brand name. After revealing this on social media and receiving many positive responses, I am able to make this decision confidently.

Besides being my favourite colour, studies also show that blue is the most soothing colour. I continue to aim for the stars even though fashion always come full circle. They are also my newly discovered extra sensory perception. These explain their presence in the logo. 

The woman in the silhouette is my muse, Amanda. She the feature of my first illustration. She is now immortalised here, as the blue sun brightens the fashion scene.  

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Fully Armed Name Cards

As I do NOT have qualifications and experiences in graphic design, I have to learn from mistakes and public feedback. My NEWLY replenished Name Cards have clearer texts. The fifth (5th) and additional tip for name card design will be:

5)    NO overlapping - Ensure that texts do NOT overlap with logos or symbols (if any)

Now, we are fully armed!

Friday, 14 July 2017

WONDER WOMAN - Rise of Feminism

Wonder Woman (DIANE PRINCE) has come out at a perfect time ;-)  She is a much needed icon for women in these desperate times of gender inequalities and adversities.

Elegance and mystique. 

In design functions, all are well. Wonder Woman and her Amazonian warriors' costumes have vertical and 'V' shape linear contours. Both give a taller and streamline appearance. These are very functional for some of her bigger build warrior counterparts. The mostly gold colour is suits very well here. It reflects value and superiority. It also camouflages them perfectly in the home island landscape.  

On the whole, I still continue to question superhero costume movie adaptations. They are always far from the original. The original always has more vibrant COLOUR.

The blue ballroom dress that DIANE PRINCE wears at the dance scene is also glamorous and functional. The big 'V' shape chest point drape neckline brings out the best in feminine physique by enhancing strengths and accentuating height. The shin length trail on her rear left shoulder further strengthens this. Unfortunately, I am NOT a fan of ground dragging trails on her right rear hemlines. I do NOT think this is practical >:-( 

On the movie, the scene that moves me the most is when Wonder Woman rises from the battered front line and single 'shieldedly' attack while fending of intense gun fire by enemy soldiers.

"Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what man can do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women are crated to do everything a man CANNOT do", quote fits these scenes perfectly.

I believe women are capable of groundbreaking and sky reaching achievements. As a supporter of 'He for She' campaign, I personally write here, "FORGET men's capabilities. Create YOURSELF". 

For men who have faith in women, this movie is a MUST watch in the CINEMA! For women, my review is self explanatory ;-)


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Friday, 3 February 2017

Colourful Roots :-P

COLOUR adaptable roots inspire and motivate me to the END !!! TQ A-Lin xoxo

Friday, 30 September 2016


No flesh, just bones. Fashion is ruled out here. I will make this short. This movie is about action and drama. Do my words look familiar? Once again, media are NOT available to download from the official website. I am speechless. No need to waste time and money to watch this >:-(


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Monday, 16 May 2016

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Civil War, Messed Up...


Law and order                                                         Righteousness

The sequel title says it all!!! Violent, messed up and in fighting...Crash...bang...booM!!!  This is a reflection of complicating and degrading social environment due to increasing population >:-( 

However, there is a plus side to this turmoil:-O Scarlett Witch's (ELIZABETH OLSEN) powerful shoulder padded coat costume emits energy and vibrancy while maintaining feminine strength. With the semi flared coat hemlines to the shins and waisted design, practicality is maintained for my favourite superhero in this movie. This proves that slimming effect CAN be used with bright COLOUR Though these scenes are brief, I believe only the fashion optimistic ones will notice.

The other invaluable 'power' that I picked up is at the scene when TONY STARK (Robert Downey Jr.) go to PETER PARKER's (TOM HOLLAND) home to invite him to his side of the team. He asked PETER, "What wakes you up every morning?"  In relating to this, in the same month, I came across 'Jane Goodall in Conversation' article on page 53, MAY 2016 Reader's Digest monthly magazine issue. She is asked, "How much does your PASSION for work have to do with aging well?" Her answer, "I just read a survey of people over 80, and they found overwhelming proof that those with passion stayed healthy and fit and driven. The others just succumbed because there was no reason not to. They weren't sick, just old. They succumbed to oldness L". My advise, DO NOT wait until you are 80, start NOW J Yea !!!

Though this movie has very small but high impact and life changing scenes, it is worth all the junk in between. So what wakes me up and my passion? I am positive that you know. Now, I will use this newly found optimistic super power on my fashionistas :-P Enjoy fashionsitas xoxo 


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Thursday, 11 February 2016

STAR WARS: The Force Awakens but I m asleep...Zzz...

After watching all the Star Wars episodes, the plot for 'The Force Awakens' remains. Many scenes are predictable based on past episodes...What a spoiler  >:-( With the lack of creativity, the 'dark side' wins. 

The Light Saber has become so cheap that it is readily accessible and even be used by an ex-Storm Trooper! Another victory for the 'dark side'.

The costume for Princess Leia has backfired like the explosion of the Star Killer...Ka...Boom...!!! She looks shorter than short, larger than large and bulkier than bulky :-O I feel sad for her much anticipated return :-(

Apart from COLOUR, Rey's costume is good ;-) ! It has almost all of the winning elements of a good garment. 'V' ribbed and waisted are ideals that are elegant rough character. Yippe!!! ;-O I like this!!! I am awaken here :-)

In conclusion, Rey's Force is not enough to over weigh the 'Dark Side'. If you are not a Star Wars fan, leave this out. May I awaken in the next episode...Zzz...


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Friday, 13 November 2015

Spectre-cular is DANIEL CRAIG

As Spectre's Mexico City's Premier coincided with 'Day of the Dead' festival, I too decided to follow this eerie suit. I rushed to publish this review to go live on Friday the 13th! Boo... :-Ooo
Happy 'Day of the Eerie' Fri the 13th!

After almost a decade, I finally like the concept of two gender 'blonds' in a James Bond poster. 

Growing up with one of my favourite movie heroes, one new word, 'Spectrecular!'. It may not be as dramatic as 'Skyfall' but it has lived up to my expectations J In terms of spy gadgets, I am sure DANIEL CRAIG's James Bond fans will know what to expect. Car chases are more humourous than exciting. This is definitely a new approach to James Bond films. 

Costumes now are very traditionally James Bond with much more colour to life too. Since DANIEL CRAIG's James Bond 'Casino Royale' debut in 2006, this franchise has broken many traditionsL. He is the first blond-Bond and featuring more dramatic than gadgetry. I hated all these breakaways...Grr >:-( Spectre also featured  MONICA BELLUCI with the role of Lucia Sciarra setting another feat as the oldest Bond girl. Unexpectedly, I have started to develop a 'crush' for DANIEL CRAIG's James Bond since 'Skyfall'. In 'Spectre' I can sincerely write that I like him now. This is despite another James Bond tradition broken with the absence of my favourite the casino scene. I am very sad ToT that 'Spectre' will be his last James Bond appearance, now that I like him.   

Opening scene, first time ever Mexican Bond girl, Stephanie Sigman with a very colourful dress matching 'Day of the Dead' mask. This is fashionably fabulous by breaking the tradition of colour and horror...Boo!

Bond girl, Dr. Madeline Swann, in a very typical dress. Feminine and bright really got the attention of other patrons. Look carefully and you will know what I mean.

 Who says horror cannot be associated vibrant cOLOURs? I like this festival already :-O

At this time in writing, with 'Skyfall' being the seventh-highest-grossing film, the highest-grossing film in the UK, the highest-grossing film in the Bond series, the highest-grossing film worldwide for both Sony Pictures and MGM, the second-highest-grossing film of 2012, winning several accolades, including two BAFTA Awards, two Academy Awards and for the FIRST time, two Grammys, DANIEL CRAIG deserves to be hailed the greatest James Bond to date. I am also proud to live this era when 'Spectre' having the Largest Film Stunt Explosion, may be more 'Spectrecular' than 'Skyfall'.  Thank you DANIEL CRAIG J for this revolutionary James Bond 007""


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Friday, 28 August 2015


Getting to know his allies. Want some sugar?

With his partner in war, Anthony!

Rather than weapons of mass destruction, I like Ant-Man's weapons. To those who are new to Ant-Man, like me, the respect and use of nature, should be made an example of. In this movie, ants. I quote,

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"Mahatma Gandhi

Here they gooo...

The superhero unmasked.

For women who want a polished appearance, look to Hope van Dyne. She looks strong, much more capable than most male characters. However, feminism is maintained.

The question for most superhero movies, "Why is the bad one always UGLY?" :-O 


 and UGLIEST...! The Yellowjacket

Fashionably good ;-) The Ant-Man costume is very close to its comic form. There is still room for improvements. Not being a media professional, I still question superhero movie adaptations which are usually far from original comic book forms. For now, I am satisfied.

 A very good movie since The Green Lantern. This is a movie that instils optimism, second chances and determination. watching this boosted my spirits...Boost...

UNLIKE other superhero movies, this has lots of comedy to let audience lay back after some serious concentration. I like this approach too.

To date, this is my favourite 2015 movie ;-) A MUST watch and in the CINEMA!!!


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Monday, 24 August 2015


Let us NOT let the machines rise! 

Fashionably, it is monotonously rough and dark. A flat line______

For the second time, I am unable to download from official website. However this is fun 

The plot is weak. I think it is similar to 'Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines'. In addition, all types of terminator machines are featured here >:-(  This makes it an all-in-one edition. I reckon, if this is your first Terminator movie, you do not need to watch previous one to familiarise.

The part where consumers are waiting to be connected is once again an unheeded warning of the inevitable reality. This is the moral of the story.

Nevertheless, go and watch this movie for non-stop action!!! Bang...bang...bang!!!


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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Colour Effects

Orange - To energise and maintain a +ve life outlook, get it? J Let Rhihanna, Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lawrence get you there!

 Red - Be bold and motivational like Giuliana Rancic, Rosamund Pike and Dakota Johnson

Pink - Feeling stressed? Sooth like Blake Lively and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Yellow - Do you want to lift your mood? JFeel more focused and decisive like Julianne Moore and Claire Danes.

Colour affects all. If not, it will make a difference. Regardless of your belief, they are scientifically proven. As usual, too much of anything is bad. You have to balance. If you are a non-believer in colours, try donning them in a slow start. Try a bright belt, shoes or scarf. Increase gradually until you feel and observe in these three stages:

Stage 1 - Do you feel any positive difference? If, 'No', then you MUST proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2 - The moment you come into physical social contact, are you attracting any attention? I am sure you will.

Stage 3 - This is the determining stage. Do you receive comments on your colourful change? If compliments outnumber criticisms (Yup...yup...yup...), then it is proven that you have made a positive change in your surroundings. Inevitably, you have also made that on yourself too ;-)

Stay AWAY from these below:

Black - Black absorbs everything, good and bad energy. Without the ability to filter, it WILL affect your spirits. In the dark months, it will make your outdoor visibility lowest and most dangerous for you.

White - The opposite of black, this colour reflects ALL energy. In short, you will be nothing!

Gray - I am sure you DO NOT want your life to be dull and gray, correct?

In conclusion, I want my fashionistas to be the best and NOT like the rest!!!            


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