Monday, 31 December 2012

SAMSUNG Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition

I am very skeptical about Korean products (-_-) zzz... To my surprise, my first smartphone of the social media frenzy era and my first THEMED one too is ironic! However I think this time round it is different. With its OS (Operating System) being USA and theme Japanese, these make it a tri-national mobile :-O This is value for money. It is the same price as the standard model. I purchased this mainly for the Hello Kitty theme and Android OS. With reference to my posting some time ago on smart phone OS (, it turned out quite the opposite. As a beginner and business user, I think Android is fine too. Maybe I am NOT fully reliant on my mobile for business hence it meets my requirements. One downside to this mobile is its too small internal memory. So, limited apps (applications) to play with. Fortunately, there is just enough space for apps that I am using J Besides that, I believe this will be a collectors' item in near future! All gals, enjoy!

Mobile and packing (F)

Mobile (R) and packing (S)

Hello Kitty & Android are best friends!

Cute Hello Kitty button

Standby wallpaper

 Hello Kitty themed icons

Opening screen 1

Opening screen 2

Opening screen 3

Opening screen 4

Closing screen

Monday, 24 December 2012

Pelangbow, over the rainbow...((( for X'mas 2012!

Pelangbow Illustration Board

Pelangbow Sketch (F) - Inspired by rain and its aftermath, the rainbow. These three colour bands are refracted the most, hence their selection out of seven colours.

Pelangbow Sketch (R) - Pelangi is rainbow in Malaysian language. The name fuses both worlds in fashion!  

After more than a dozen rainbow and rain inspired designs, this is my average client's winning choice. She choose this for the colours, spirals and unique sleeves. I am proud :-) This is also my illustration naming day, AMANDA...well, what a coincidence! I am made to serve fashion :-O Now that my design is complete for this season's greetings, you can party in this gloomy X'mas 2012 weather in full vibrancy.

Now you have a reason NOT to flee this weather...

Have a Holly Jolly X'mas & New Year!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Monday, 17 December 2012