Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Royal Revamp with Vengeance

After years of public humiliation, insult and most evil of criticisms by the media and people alike, Princess BEATRICE of York has returned with a royal vengeance! Fashion and apparel has been set professionally for our ‘dark’ princess. Is she a contender to our fashion duchess, Princess KATE MIDDLETON, Duchess of Cambridge? Only time will tell... She should have come to the Dstysionist years ago. Then again, he was little known then...L

She is out to get all of you scumbags! So all you sinners get ready for the next wave of royal fashion attack!

Above is the frumpy image just three years ago. With frills and flairs all over her, definitely she looks bigger. The opened up trench just made her look messy. With colours that are far too light with no apparel and colour coordination, all her weaknesses are highlighted. A fashionista's worst nightmare!

With a slender physique, now is the time to enjoy this floral shift. I think she can wear brights now as opposed to this.

This garment design on the left has the correct silhouette but wrong designs. A high waistline and hemlines above the knee enhances height. A low neck line, dark colour and handbag matching shoes are all wrong for such new beauty. She may be trying too hard here.

Again, the right purple dress colour that is far too dark. Besides this, it has  all the correct traits. A matching handbag and hat will project more elegance. 

Here we see her good choice of fashion and apparel at our fashion duchess royal wedding 2011. A more cinched waist and thicker belt may help enhance her sender figure. Good ensemble though.


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Monday, 27 June 2011


We have seen our 'dark' Princess BEATRICE revamp with a vengeance. Now you can too! There will be more coverage for royal fashion fans. For all you fashionistas who want to look elegantly royal, you are in time to celebrate this makeover with us. Lifestyle updates continue for 'royalikes' to enjoy ;-) 

Cheers for your continuous support!

Polite summer 2011

Hey fashionistas! Get spotted this summer 2011 with POLITE (POLka dot whITE) I want to project a polite, trendy and pure feminism. What better colour than the cleanliness and holy white? Does our fashion duchess want this? We will have to find a way to ask her ;-)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Print and be heard!

I am no fan of printsL I strongly discourage anyone from wearing prints unless you know the effect that you want. The best I can do for this summer’s 2011 big news are some basics so that it will not backfire like this below.

ISABEL LUCAS’ trousers is too wide legged and too large gridded print. It makes her legs look huge. Surely a ‘NO’ from me! 

Basics in dangerous territory are:

1.     Print and plain – If you are wearing print, your handbag should be plain. Visa versa too.

2.     One print type ONLY – DO NOT mix print types. This includes amongst your clothes, apparel or accessories.

3.     Effects warning – Patterns in some places can make body parts they cover look bigger or smaller like this example above.

4.     Purr-fect – Animal prints are always trendy. If leopards are too common, try tiger stripes for that desired statement.


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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I ‘Ear’ U :-)

Though her dress is ‘working too hard’ for her, our fashion duchess manages to pair Links of London Effervescence Stiletto earrings with her dress at the ARK Gala Dinner. Naturally these earrings fall vertically matching vertical embellished embroidery on her dress. Is this too much effort for too small details? Take it easy fashion duchess ;-) 


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Monday, 20 June 2011

The Handbag

An undated design will give you lots of returns in your investment.
With its sapcious interior, rest assured all your essentials fit including a special mobile holder.
Store all sorts of cards here. Additional compartments for others too.

The handbag that meets the strictest fashionista's criteria, Anya Hindmarch Maxi Satchel.

The handbag is a must for most fashionistas. Used correctly, it is a useful accessory. The handbag actually distracts from your weaknesses (if any) or enhances your strengths. Of course there are some rules on these. They are as listed below:

1)    NO Matching – Do NOT match your handbag and shoes. If you leave your handbag bag and ‘glide’ around, your shoes will be out of place.

2)    Match with your hat – Do match it with your hat!

3)    Safety – Always ensure your handbag is on the opposite side of on-coming traffic. For that casual look and safer, hang it across your body.  

4)    Suitable size – Not too big or frumpy. It will be little you.

Luxury is one's choice. However, should one be hesitant, listed below is a more assuring failsafe checklist:

1 - Sole fitting - Does the lusted-after item fit in with your existing wardrobe? If it requires hard work and further purchases to make it fit, is it really worth it?

2 - Affordability - Can you genuinely afford it, or will you be forced to eat beans on toast for months?!

3 - Evaluate - Wait at least 24 hours. Sleep on it. Are you still getting fashion pangs?

4 - All season - Will it stand the test of time? There's no point investing in an item that'll fall to bits or not suit you when the trends move forward.

5 - Compatibility - Without too much thought, can you imagine five different outfits you can wear with the new item?


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Friday, 17 June 2011

Parker Sonnet - Hooray! Women's Might :-O

 Sonnet 2011

Sterling Silver Chrome Trim

Dark Grey Lacquer Chrome Trim

After researching two weeks for women’s pen gift, I have settled for Parker’s Sonnet model. It comes in many varieties and a wide price range. Roller ball has the classic appearance of ink without the messy refilling. My recipient is very happy with my gift. Now women are mightier than men’s sword!

Listed below are tips to maintaining the showroom look of your writing equipment:

1)    Wipe daily – Wipe your pen with a soft dry cloth at the end of your day. This will minimise dust, moisture and perspiration from staining.

2)    Clean monthly – Use an old toothbrush, a soft damp cloth and then (1)

3)    Holder / clip cleaning – Use an old toothbrush to clean these. This will minimise dust residue.


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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

First Official Royal Public Function :-)

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge attend their first official public engagement. The newlyweds are photographed at the 10th annual ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) Gala Dinner on behalf of The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry at Perks Field, Kensington Palace,

Our fashion duchess has done it again! Yea! Maybe this time, she has overdone it? L The upwards curved waistline further enhances her already known slender figure and height. Simply fabulous and the first of her frocks, I think... Has our fashion duchess started a new trend by matching her hair and clutch colour? :-O I APPROVE!  Frilly sleeves, only for our fashion duchess. Non-royals, stay away! However, this vertical embellished embroidery is unnecessary for her almost perfect figure. Try another orientation and do not try too hard, our fashion duchess. On the whole, this is a good ensemble. Our duke is happy too ;-)! 



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Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer 2011 Boystyle 'Hat' Start


                                                          Baker Boy

Hat tips

1)    Opposites attract – Vary the designs of your hat and blouse / tops. For example, if your blouse has rose embroidery, your hat should NOT. Matching colours are fine.

2)    Keep it serious – AVOID novelty hats. Hats that have DVDs and toy cars decorated will ‘depreciate your value’.


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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pirates of The Carribean: On Stranger's Tides

The best of all these sagas! If KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and ORLANDO BLOOM were in it, it would have been fabulous. Scenes not to miss? The mermaids attack! So pretty yet so lethal. If I had contact with them, I will rule the seas with them against human cruelty. I must have the Black Pearl though. Costumes are not interesting and everything looks dark and gloom. The plot is more of revenge. Images are not available as most quality ones have been copy protected. Nothing to miss and show though. Go watch these at the cinemas!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

X-Men: First Class - EMMA FROST

JANUARY JONES (EMMA FROST), ROSE BRYNE AND ZOE KRAVITZ at X-Men: First Class premier. The gathers into the high waistline defines her figure and accentuates height. Dress hemlines above the knees and higher at the centre front strengthens this effect further. Peep toe heels elongate her legs. Black sleeves have a slimming effect. Good work Ms. JONES. ROSE BRYNE's black lace dress makes her look older. She does not need this effect and should shine in colours first class. The daughter of legendary LENNY KRAVITZ has chosen a luxurious appearance. Here is to first class.

I have been searching for EMMA FROST images for a week now. All good quality photos have been copy protected. I will have to use my memory and yours to write this review. She is the most beautiful and stylish female villain to date. Her costume not only highlights her 'assets' but defines her figure as well. Her 1960's hat, shoulder-furred cape and white theme make her stand out though she does not act much. I love her!

This movie plot is reminiscent of 'Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Sith'. It is a good movie though and surely worth your pennies to catch at the cinemas.


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Tuesday, 7 June 2011



Unless you are the duchess, matching hat and dress coat is a ‘no’. These look busy. The dress coat has floral prints so the hat should be plainly designed or visa-versa. Matching colours are fine. Her heels and clutch do not match which is a big ‘yes’. Do match your clutch with your waistband or belt. Notice that she mostly wears a high waistline and dress hemlines above her knees. All these are height enhancing illusions. Duchess, you have done it before and again.

A veiled floral hat to match this black and gloom dress coat gives life to this ensemble. Black heels give a good finish. The frilled dress coat and pink inner dress reflects feminism and elegance. I know you are trying hard. Unfortunately PIPPA, you are still a commoner, a different league, ineligible to compete!

I do not understand how this comparison can arise. L This really degrades our duchess. She is in a class of her own set by her unique style. I am sure all you KATE fans agree with me J


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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Duchess KATE MIDDLETON, The Fashionistas’ Princess, Yeah :-)

Now all fashionistas can be a duchess! This affordable Shola dress by Reiss is perfect for our duchess. The high and large waistband accentuates her height. The wrap around dress defines her figure and sets all fashion principles in place. Her black Anya Hindmarch clutch is the perfect compliment for this piece. However, matching black heels with this clutch is dangerous territory. Similar to some fashion, only our duchess can pull it off. Commoners, stay away!


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