Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Season's Greetings!

Prolong festivities with X'mas fun & games @ Enjoy while it lasts and have a superb New Year 2012 to all my fashionistas and fans alike!

Merry X'mas Fashion Duchess!

This just in! No, this style is not a disappointment. It is proof of the ever famous quote 'less is more'! However, only our Fashion Duchess with her flawless style can pull this off. However, this is NOT for all fashionistas. So, if you have what it takes, enjoy this festivity with minimalism.

A simple but attractive hat by Jane Corbett is a good head start for this joyous occasion.
This plum coat is a new minimalism statement this Christmas. Plum is the new mistletoe this season, all rightJ. If this is suitable, go get it fast, if you know the designer. This style is dateless so it is a worthy investment.


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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy White Holidays!

Have a Holly Jolly White X'mas & New Year!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Real Steel - Real-Ity

This is definitely overdue. The last time I searched, I could not download from the official website. Nevertheless, here is my short but hopefully meaningful review. 

Basics vs Hi-tech, so who won? Watch it to find out.

 With the most advance tool, lack of knowledge means defeat!

In this advancing age, sometimes it just takes basics to defeat the enemy. Or is it? This story line just adds more poison to the stubborn tech age dumb majority's denial. 

With real steel comes real work, real results and real victory!

At the end of it, it is still these women who defined fashion. Love the baddie! Yippee!


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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Peugeot 206 WRC - Human & machine bond!

 Anglo-french collaboration 'burn' thru WRC. We miss them... ToT

Well, he is in a hurry!

Hell freezes over by this lion on wheels!
WRC 2002 profile of a 2.0L, turbocharge, four-wheel drive, 300bhp, max speed above 220km/h, 0-100km/h in 3 seconds on any surface, monster in disguise. Do you dare have your car look at it in its headlamp? Now this is 'the' car!

So, is this the monster's heart? Ferociously ugly!

How am I going to get in? Can someone please clear this mess? Get use to the  basics of power, luv!

The unforgettable 360o drift at Catalunya by Gilles Panizzi 'bonding' with Peugeot 206 WRC in 2002. How entertainingly arrogant! 

Ever want to get a real life experience in a Peugeot 206 WRC? Here is the best for free on board with World Champion team Richard Burns and Robert Reid in 2002 Rally Catalunya, SPAIN. 


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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

PORCAYR - Porsche Cayman R inspired

The white blouse embroidery is inspired by its headlamp. Nothing naughty here, yeah? The waistband is inspired by its bumper. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

LILY ALLEN - Force Smile on her wedding :-(

First, foremost and the most disastrous flaw is the absence of the waistline. This makes poor Lily shorter than short. I love her carrying the toy couple puppets accessories. Sooo... uniquely cute ;-)

 Her gown is all over the place. With no definition, nothing can save her.

To top flaws off, these 3D embroidery roses on the front sides of her veil makes her head look bigger. This unique design is applied on the wrong personality.

Lily’s or her designers may have gotten some inspiration from Kate Middleton’s Sarah Burton wedding gown. As I have stressed in my past tips, they have broken the ‘holy grail’ of fashion ( works on others may not on you. This lace design made Lily larger than large.

In conclusion, her wedding gown, which she is apparently all smiles, makes her shorter, larger and bigger headed. The professional who designed this should be exiled from fashion 4ever! Sorry Lily but the truth does hurt!


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Monday, 31 October 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

Sportscar 4 u!


With 0-100km/h in 5 secs, a top speed of 282km/h and 330 horses pulling your carriage, what more could you ask? This top of the range Cayman will get all your boys' attention. Coming from reputedly the most reliable sports car, turbo is not an option! 

If Cayman is understated, then the only option is the legend itself, 911 Carrera S. That however is another chapter... Happy racing!


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Monday, 10 October 2011

David Copperfield the Magi!

The style that hypnotically won me over!

The Greatest Magician of ALL Time!

The romantic fun I wish...yeah...

My dream romance I want to relive...xoxo...

My favourite of his specials, The Magic of DAVID COPPERFIELD X : The Bermuda Triangle

DAVID COPPERFIELD - My role model and idol 4ever!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Movie warning - Do you see it coming or just playing stupid?

Watch this movie to reflect or maybe I am stupid...


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Monday, 29 August 2011

ZARA 'Equestrian' PHILLIPS - The Other Royal Wedding 2011 =)

Theoretically, ZARA PHILLIPS is not royalty. She just happens to have a mother who is one. Her wedding is still a royal one. We are all joyful J for her!

The portrait of royal happiness. May you live happily ever after! 

Her gown...ahhh...that is the other good news. The straps is designed with her physical appearance in mind. It is wider on the shoulder and narrows to the chest line. This make her shoulder smaller.

These vertical blouse sections and pleated skirt are very visible here. There may be a flaw in her veil design. It looks all over the place before unveiling.

Unveiled, I am speechless. Her wedding gown is almost perfect. The tiara and veil are small and streamlined. These made her look elegant.

Her wedding blouse is high waist and sectioned vertically. These give a more structured and slimmer appearance. Pleats on the skirt should be replaced with flat vertical design. She may look more streamlined. However, due to all these other complimenting designs that worked, a beautiful smile and that she is kind of royalty, she still looks great.

To all my fashionistas who want to wed like royalty, NO pleats!

If our fashion duchess wore her wedding gown similar to this, she would have held the world.


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Friday, 26 August 2011

It ALWAYS takes suffering and death!

Aviation regulators grounded budget carrier Tiger Airways Australia Saturday because it posed a "serious and imminent risk to air safety", throwing the travel plans of thousands of people into chaos.
Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) said Tiger's domestic services had been suspended with immediate effect following a series of incidents that had raised questions about its airworthiness.
The first grounding of an entire airline in Australian aviation history, the ban is for an initial five working days, after which officials can apply for a court-enforced extension to allow for further safety investigations.
A subsidiary of Singapore's Tiger Airways, Tiger Australia operates about 60 domestic flights a day, moving up to 9,000 passengers.
Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said about 35,000 people would be affected by the week-long ban, which he described as an "extremely regrettable" but necessary step.
CASA said it was considering applying for an extension and warned that Tiger's licence to fly was at stake, though that was "not so much in contemplation at this point".
"What we're looking at now is do we need more time to work on what response we're going to have to this situation, and if we do how much time, and putting an argument to the court to get that time," CASA spokesman Peter Gibson told AFP.
The engineers' union said Tiger was likely to remain grounded for "weeks".
"They have quite a way to go before they can satisfy the regulator that their aircraft are going to be in a fit state to fly," said union chief Steve Purvinas.
Australian authorities have been closely monitoring Tiger and issued the airline a "show cause" notice in March threatening to vary, suspend or cancel its licence over safety worries.
It was ordered to improve the proficiency of its pilots, boost pilot training and checking procedures, address fatigue management issues and ensure "appropriately qualified people fill management and operational positions".
CASA also ordered improvements to the airline's "maintenance control and ongoing airworthiness systems."
"Since Tiger Airways Australia was served the show cause notice there have been further events raising concerns about the airline?s ability to continue to conduct operations safely," the regulator said.
"CASA believes permitting the airline to continue to fly poses a serious and imminent risk to air safety," it added.
Barry Jackson, head of the pilots' union, said the move was a "wake-up call" for the industry and backed their claims that budget airlines were eroding national safety standards.
Tiger said the suspension related to "two recent operational incidents" -- reportedly involving aircraft flying dangerously low -- and it would cooperate fully with CASA.
"In the meantime the airline is doing all it can to minimise passenger disruption, especially for passengers who are travelling this weekend and over the next week," Tiger said, promising full refunds or ticket credits.
The grounding comes at the beginning of the extra busy school holiday period, throwing travel plans into chaos.
Budget rivals Jetstar and Virgin both promised to lay on extra flights to help stranded passengers and said they would offer special fares to those hit by the Tiger ban. Flag carrier Qantas also offered discount flights.
Qantas engineers called off strike action scheduled for next week at the request of the government to ensure disruptions were kept to a minimum.
"All our actions for next week have now been cancelled," said Purvinas.
But there were angry scenes at the nation's airports, where many passengers only learned their flights had been axed when they arrived to check in.
"You get here and then they're banned, 'sorry no flights'," said one woman. "This is just pathetic."
The ban comes at a fraught time for Australia's aviation sector, with industrial unrest brewing at Qantas and airlines still reeling from the unprecedented chaos caused by Chile's ash cloud.
Hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded following the eruption of the Puyehue volcano, costing airlines tens of millions of dollars at a time they are already suffering from high oil prices and a surging Australian dollar.
Qantas has estimated losses at more than $200 million this year due to the Chilean ash, local floods and earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Behold elegant royalties.

Too hard and overboard L

Our ex-bad Princess also attended ZARA’s wedding. Her choice of the colour blue is perfect to cool down this summer heat. Matching clutch and heels? Good work as you have done your fashion homework. Matching hat and skirt has good intentions. However, only one should stand out. Here, the hat and skirt has clashed. We cannot decide which to look at. Besides these, all others are almost perfectly executed. Sorry to say this but Princess EUGENIE just stole the limelight at this occasion. Princess BEATRICE, you were there but now you have lost a little direction by trying too hard. Get back on course and we will be waiting for your arrival. xoxo 

Princess EUGENIE of York – Behold sis!

Hooray! For Princess EUGENIE at last! Her hat colour matches her outfit. The 3D embroidery on her hat but not anywhere else is the perfect highlight. She balances well as her hat is tilted to her right and clutch held on her left hand. Her clutch colour matches her skirt and outstanding if placed in her underarms. A light coloured, high waist and nipped in coat is the way to go for her. This gives the appearance of elongated legs and heightened appearance. The choice of a darker skirt with hemlines just above the knee is perfect. As darker colour absorbs more light, it will slim down her bottom half. Nude heels also works well by elongating her legs. As she is physically larger than her sister, all these are great fashion principles at work to accentuate her figure. A lasting impression at ZARA PHILLIPS wedding ;-)

Remarkable fashion execution for both 'swan' princesses at ZARA PHILLIPS wedding. Fashion Duchess, you are about to be rivaled! 


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Friday, 19 August 2011

Riots in ENGLAND - How did anarchy happen here?



Union Point: The landmark building in Tottenham has been completely destroyed. As well as the store itself, there were 26 flats on the upper floors

When this happens in undeveloped or developing countries, we proudly tell ourselves, ‘With most systems in place, it will not happen here’. Now that it has, the question is not why but solutions and lessons to be learned, if we are willing to.

Before I proceed, I would like to stress that these are based on direct interpretations of reliable news reports. Regardless, I condone any acts of violence.

Overspending Consumers

It all starts with these overspending consumers who end up debt laden. They overspend before they receive their wages. Most will spend many more times their wages. They overspend to feed their greed and participate in endless material competition. Even during these mass lootings, branded merchandise were targeted ( much more than rations. When they are unable to pay their outstanding debt, financial institutions will clamp down on them. Since they spend more than they earn, naturally they are unable to pay their debt. Financial institutions will cancel their credit facilities. In worst case scenarios, they may even repossess. They will end up blacklisted.

Over Ambitious Retailers

Retailers will expand over ambitiously when they receive enormous income from consumers who overspend earlier. Once these overspending consumers are blacklisted and unable to spend, there will be a sudden drop of income for these retailers. Retailers will be unable to pay for their expanded businesses’ overheads. As most have overlooked this situation, they will have no choice but to downsize. Outlet closures and staff redundancies are among drastic measures taken as they are unable to sustain. Most of these redundant staff is part of overspending consumers. Like debt laden overspending consumers, again financial institutions will clamp down on them as they are unable to pay their debt.

Overspending Financial Institutions

When financial institutions are unable to collect debt from these consumers and retailers, they will lose too. When overspending consumers spent then, like retailers, financial institutions too jumped on the bandwagon and expand over ambitiously. Naturally they will have to make ends meet by taking drastic downsizing measures like retailers. Again, most of these redundant staff is over spenders.

When losses news of these retailers and financial institutions get out, investors will naturally withdraw. Nobody will be interested in a losing business. Their value will drastically drop until they gain confidence of investors.

Overspending Government

When retailers and financial institutions lose, so will the government. Government will lose on taxes and other revenues. As the government too jumped on the bandwagon, they, like retailers and financial institutions, will also take drastic downsizing measures. Once again, most of these government redundant staff is over spenders. Our present Prime Minister is a Conservative. Coincidentally, as the party name suggests, drastic cuts are made across the board. The government however has a superior advantage. They have the power to force citizens to pay various increased fees and taxes. These increases will hopefully cover some government losses.


Let us summarise. All these results in economic growth that is unable to keep up with increasing population over these years. Overspending consumers are blacklisted and are unable to spend like before. They have been made redundant from the private sector (E.g. Retailers and financial institutions) and the government sector. In this scenario, their benefits are cut, are forced to pay increased fees and taxes and in addition to energy inflation (that is another story) they are unable to make ends meet ( With limited finances, they are unable to spend on most leisure activities to take their attention off issues. With nothing to do and mounting personal pressures, what is the next step? Our current situation is the result. In conclusion, if most live accordingly and do not overspend, I do not see how it will do harm.

All these just made Deputy Prime Minister NICK CLEGG’s Liberal Democrats pre-general election 2010 riots warning statement (;_ylt=Ahi5AnxeBEDj.9h4EFz696LFfMl_;_ylu=X3oDMTM2czQ0ZTcwBHBrZwNhY2Y5YWQ3NC0zMmE3LTNkZmQtYWMyNy1lN2Q0OGE1ODFlMTIEcG9zAzEwBHNlYwN0b3Bfc3RvcnkEdmVyA2I2ZmYyN2QwLWMyYjEtMTFlMC1iZmRlLWVhNTgyNDZlZDQ5ZA--;_ylg=X3oDMTFtOG01NnQ5BGludGwDZ2IEbGFuZwNlbi1nYgRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAN1awRwdANzZWN0aW9ucwR0ZXN0Aw--;_ylv=3) under a prospective Conservatives government, a frightening premonition. As his party name suggests, it may be a prophecy we failed to take note. This may be due to our increasing hatred to politicians.  


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