Saturday, 30 April 2011

PRINCESS KATE's Wedding Gown by Sarah Burton, Confirmed!

I was underwhelmed by this design. KaMidd may have been too radical for this occasion. I have no experience with the royals. Criticisms will not be fair. Sarah Burton may have to follow guidelines, heritage and royal preferences for this creation. Most importantly, she made it work! ;-)


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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shoes for the Royal Wedding?

‘Economy is down, inflation is high and I do not have enough money...Sigh... I still want to go shopping! What should I do?’ Yes, get practical and you can still go shopping but for functional pieces. There are instances when you casually style but get formally critised. Pride goes tumbling down... :-( Do you know the fault? It all starts at the base. NEVER wear heals with shorts! Flats are the perfect casual combination... ;-) For formal ONLY impression, grab a pair of peep-toes. 

Various styles to team with flats.

Flats and prints for that holiday mood... ;-)

                                          Ahh... the perfect style for that urban shopping comfort.


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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


This wedding gown name is an abbreviation of KAte MIDDleton’s name. With the unpredictable weatherman predicting Kate day to be warm and bright, my sleeveless piece will give her more comfort without sacrificing grandeur. From my research, she favours bright colours. She will like my colourful and bold embroidery design. Yea Kamidd! ;-)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Special KATE Date

This is my favourite photo of KATE MIDDLETON before her transformation into a princess. Her ensemble... ahhh... just speechless... For all you die-hard fans of her, this just in! Her wedding gown will likely be designed by SARAH BURTON. There are many rumours out there and this is one of them. We will just have to wait to a later date for confirmation. Well, I have given you a head start. Start browsing the web for more updates.


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Friday, 22 April 2011

Condotti Beauty - SHERINE WONG

Condotti officially opened their first store in MALAYSIA on Mon, 4 APR 2011 at Pavilion Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Present to add cheer to this event was their spokesperson model / actress and Miss Malaysia / Universe 1998, Ms. SHERINE WONG.

The ever beautiful SHERINE WONG...aaah...I wish I was her stylist to perfect her ;-) Her little purple dress is very unique and suits her personality. The lace hemlines give a more feminine touch. Her gold decorated bracelet on her right and dress pleats on her left is a professional fashion statement! These teamed with matching gold chrome tipped shoes is an evolution to peep toes. It has the same height enhancing effect. Simply fabulous! However, an auspicious event should be complimented by a brighter colour and more elegant hairstyle. Despite these, she still manages to capture the public with her pleasant personality. Can I have your mobile SHERINE?

For all you wannabe fans of SHERINE WONG, log on to for more info!

Happy Easter Holidays!

Dear Fashionistas,

Thank you for spending your holidays visiting us. Posted contents may be updated continuosly. Visit us frequently for the latest. After all, it is FREE!

Cheers from the Dstysionist!


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Wow! That Brows!

Brow Care


Eyes are window of the soul and your brows are the curtains. Well, that unfamiliar addition... ;-) is my own. How do you upkeep your brows so that they compliment your eyes perfectly? Listed below are some ever useful tips:

1)    After bath time – This is the best time to pluck. Your skin will be warm and your pores open. After plucking each hair, use your finger and apply firm pressure to stop stinging.

2)    Good tweezers – A good investment will last a lifetime.

3)    Start gradually – You do not want a drastic overnight look.

4)    Let there be light – Daylight is perfect. If not, your mirror must be brightly lit. After plucking each hair, brush your brow into shape. Remove strays then.

5)    Start below – Locate the highest part of your brow. Now pluck the hair directly beneath that. This method, you will not lose the outlines of your brow. When plucking, ALWAYS look straight at the mirror.

6)    Access – See from a distance. Give your newly pluck brows a few days to ‘set-in’

7)    Nothing is perfect – Define your brows but DO NOT aim for perfection. You will over pluck with regret.

8)    Leave the top – NEVER pluck the top of your brow. If you do, your shape will be unnatural. You may pluck up to two strays. If they are more, choose the ones that are most obvious.

9)    Check fall – BEFORE plucking, ALWAYS check where the hair root falls. You do not want a bare patch.

10)  No drawing – Never draw or pencil your plan to pluck. This will camouflage the actual shape.


Never, never and NEVER:

1)    Over-pluck - This is self-explanatory.

2)    Mono-brow – Dark hairs will be visible between brows. This will be a ‘turn off’ for guys and ‘close’ your face. Pluck or thread them into oblivion.

3)    Shave – The worst can be tidied without this drastic measure!

4)    Neglect – Always keep them tidy by brushing or plucking. A few hairs are all it takes to ‘turn off’ guys.

5)    Tattoo – Unnatural and rough. What more can be said?

Brow Make-up

Nothing is perfect, correct? Hence we use make-up to aim for perfection but without permanent damage. Very often, the arch is a little scanty. There may be gap or brows that are asymmetrical. Make-up gives the brows more impact, definition and length. Listed below are these finishing touches:

1)    Shadows – Begin with these. Once you have mastered this art, progress to pencils.

2)    Correct colour – The general rule of thumb is no more than two shades darker than the hair on your head. If this is difficult to obtain, then a gray-brown colour will suit most.

3)    Start further – Start a little distance from the bridge of your nose.

4)    Different areas, different techniques – Feathery strokes near the nose but longer down the arch and outer edge.

5)    Moisture differs – In shadow applications, the drier the brush, the softer the cloud of colour.


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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

10 Minute Make-up!

Make-up consuming too much time but still cannot leave home without? Then this will be your perfect (almost) fix:

1)    0-2 minutes: Foundation – Apply for that fresh look.

2)    2-4 minutes: Lashes – Fast mascara lashes wake up your eyes. Always use water-proof for minimum side effects.

3)    4-5 minutes: Lipstick – Red means ‘go’!

4)    5-7 minutes: Fringed hair – Hold up your hair. Backcomb securely from the ends to the roots.

5)    7-9 minutes: Nails – Apply fast drying nail enamels. DO NOT match your enamel colour with your attire.

6)    9-10 minutes: Extra time out! – If not, apply some blushes for rosy cheeks.


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Monday, 18 April 2011

Levi's Curve ID Guarantee?

I have a client who wants to find the perfect pair of jeans. On page 267, APR 2011 issue, Glamour UK magazine, ‘It’s about shape not size – And understanding the balance between your body’s curves means Levi’s GUARANTEES every pair of Levi’s Curve ID jeans is perfectly proportioned to fit fantastically from hip to ankle’. Reading these has tempted me to try their consultation services. According to them and to my acknowledgement, my client has straight boyish figure. They recommended Curve ID Slight Curve. She was not comfortable with their selection. To them this is the best. This was when the Dstysionist stepped in. I recommended my client Levi’s 501 Boyfriend cut. She loved it and it suits her perfectly! I have made my client’s day with her purchase. Maybe Levi’s was over confident with their new product?

Levis 501 Boyfriend (from top; rear, front coin pocket, front & side view)

This is my professional experience. Do you have any personal one's to share? Please leave your comments below.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Artistry Frenzy

Artistry by Amway also celebrated the Spring 2011 maxi dress frenzy at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA on Fri, 1 APR 2011.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Let us Scrrreeeam! ... for EMMA ROBERTS

To those who have not heard of EMMA ROBERTS, I would not be surprised. I only came to know her when she played the title character, ‘NANCY DREW’ four years ago. Her portrayal of this character was good. This also gave a run for my ticket money. She looked so sweet and simple. She also has a legendary aunt, JULIA ROBERTS! An Olympic cycle is a long time in entertainment. She has changed a lot since. If Elle magazine did not mention, I would not recognise her photo shot. Emma is all grown up now. Her photo shot projects a ‘roughed up’ image which is a ‘turn off’ for me. Hey! That is entertainment! Sometimes it is kind of ‘Jekyll and Hide’ thingy:-P In the field of her fashion sense, I am in the twilight. I loved her costumes as Nancy Drew but that is a fantasy. In true life I just came across a few and she is quite good. With the release of ‘Scream 4’ this month, we get to see Emma’s latest role on the silver screen. This character is entirely different from Nancy Drew. Not as sweet and simple but will bring Emma to an entirely new ball game. Now, let us play!

                        Some of the simple costumes from Nancy Drew.

             Beware fashionistas as not many can look elegant & cute in this frock.

  Notice that the one-arm sleeve is on her right while her clutch bag and locks on her left? Peep toes shoes elongates her legs as well. These are banged-on fashion principles at work! Maybe a brighter colour next time? Regardless, she definitely inherited fashion traits from her famous aunt.

                         In casual frocks, she still managed to pull it off.

                                   The 'roughed-up' image from Elle's photo shot.


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Friday, 8 April 2011

Formula Fashion

April is a buzz with all F1. Mercedes GP Petronas took advantage as they have one foot on home ground. Nothing interests me more than fashion behind speed. Check out the car girl’s costume at their counter at KLCC’s Centre Court, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA below:

I cannot deny her costume is one of the best. The team and counter car official colour is silver. Their designers did a brilliant job in making her costume outstanding. Her little silver dress is made visible by these contrasting left side vertical and geometric shapes. These also give her a perception of height. The addition of the short sleeved cropped jacket strengthens this further. Unfortunately, her long beautiful locks are blocking the jacket mostly. This makes the jacket’s effects partial. To perfect this look, her left side locks should be put at her rear. There you have it!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Breakdowns on How to Choose a Car?

With so many cars to choose, which will be the correct one for you? Based on my decade experience as a car enthusiast and information gathered from mingling with auto club members, listed below are some guidelines:

1)    Easy Maintenance -

These components have a lifespan and will fail in due time. These are listed below:

i)              Air conditioning cooling coil – This has to be serviced periodically or it will fail prematurely. This is located in the dashboard. However, the dashboard should NOT be removed on whole.

ii)             Air conditioning compressor – It should last the life of the vehicle.

iii)            Timing belt – For cars that do not come with maintenance free timing chain.

iv)          Alternator

v)            Battery - If your car does not come with a battery indicator, the battery should be changed every one and a half to two years. This is regardless of battery strength because it will fail without warning. You may lose out a little but will minimise the chances inconvenience.

There must be ample space for removal and assembly or servicing of these. In laymen’s assessment, your hand should be able to enter all parts of the engine bay comfortably. Try not to purchase cars above 2.0L. The engine bay gets compact from here on. Each of these above components should take half working day and definitely NOT MORE than one working day.

2)    Electronics

i)               EPS (Electric Power Steering) and ECU (Electronic Control Units) for engines – These have been revolutionary. Major mechanical components have been eradicated. They are replaced by maintenance free ones.

ii)             Other electronic equipment – Not all electric or electronic is good. Though unavoidable at this time of age, refrain from as much electronics as possible.

3)    Factory Fitted Equipment

i)              GPS (Global Positioning System) Vehicle Tracking and Recovery Systems and Navigators – If purchased, always opt for this type of installation. Their finishing is good and does not void your new vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Top Ten Breakdown Causes
The most common problems dealt with by AA patrols
These are the most common problems dealt with by AA patrols. Many can be fixed at the roadside, but most can be avoided with the correct preventative care.
1.    Flat or faulty battery
o    Most common problems are caused by terminals and clamp connections or by a loss of voltage, often caused by constant use on short journeys without regular recharging.
o    At every service, check that terminals have been cleaned and protected from corrosion with a layer of petroleum jelly or grease. Clamps and connections must be secure.
o    If you seldom make a long journey, a fortnightly overnight charge prolongs battery life.
o    Modern maintenance-free batteries need no top-up.
2.    Lost keys
o    Many modern cars have a 'transponder' key to prevent theft.
o    If you lose the key, recovery to an authorised dealer is usually the only answer.
o    Even a dealer may take several days to obtain a replacement, so always carry a spare set of keys.
3.    Flat/damaged tyres and wheels
o    Know the correct pressures for different speeds and loads, and adjust accordingly.
o    Kerb impact can damage sidewalls and, possibly wheel rims. Both can result in slow leaks. Consult a specialist tyre dealer if any damage is visible.
o    When checking tread depth, look for uneven tyre wear – the wheels may be misaligned.
o    Look at the spare tyre. A worn or flat spare won't be of use in an emergency.
o    Check that the jack and wheel-removal tools are in good condition and that the key or removal tool for locking wheel nuts is accessible.
4.    Alternator faults
o    Persistent battery problems and dim headlights when the engine is idling can indicate alternator/generator faults.
o    Belts driving the alternator may also operate the radiator fan and water pump. A red ignition warning light plus a rapid rise in engine temperature could indicate a broken belt. Stop immediately.
5.    Starter motor
o    Though usually robust, starter motors can fail.
o    Good, regular garage maintenance should highlight potential faults.
6.    Distributor cap
o    Moisture and dirt are the chief enemies of this vital ignition-system component.
o    A crack in the cap's insulation may be almost invisible but can be sufficient to allow high ignition voltage to leak away, especially in damp weather, so there may be no ignition spark.
o    Replace the cap at the car manufacturer's recommended intervals.
o    If the weather protection covering the cap splits, replace it.
7.    Fuel problems
o    Empty fuel tanks cost AA patrols a lot of time and members unnecessary inconvenience.
o    Fill up at the start of your journey.
o    Every year more than 100,000 motorists put the wrong fuel in their car – petrol in diesel engines or vice versa. In these cases the car will have to be recovered to a garage and draining the tank and disposing of contaminated fuel is expensive.
8.    Clutch cables
o    The clutch cable is under high stress. Abrasion can weaken the wire strands until they break.
o    Temporary repairs can often be made at the roadside, but replacement at the first signs of wear is the best answer.
9.    Spark plugs
o    The spark plug is a much-neglected part of the ignition system.
o    Make sure that you replace plugs at the manufacturer's recommended service intervals.
10. HT leads
o    High-tension (HT) leads and their connections can deteriorate with age. Water and dirt enter cracks in the insulation, reducing the ignition voltage.
o    Damp-repellent sprays are only a temporary solution.
o    Ask your garage to check the condition of the leads and replace as necessary.

Please pay attention to these above to minimise the chances further.

With all these precautions, sometimes the unfortunate still happens. Listed below are tips to prepare you:

1)    Breakdown service – Become a member of the AA (Automobile Association), RAC (Royal Automobile Club) or others.

2)    Authorised service centres list - Have a list of authorized service centres in the regions you are going through or heading to.

3)    Taxi list – Have a list of taxi services in the regions you are going through or heading to. You will need their services so that your loved ones can continue their journey.

4)    Hotels listHave a list of hotels in the regions you are going through or heading to. You may also need to stay at a hotel temporarily while your vehicle is being looked into.

5)    Emergency funds – Always have them readily available.

For the finale, below is the Perodua Myvi LE in Dazzling Red. It was cosmetically designed exclusively for women. However it is ONLY available in MALAYSIA. What a pity... :-(

Now you can enjoy your holidays at ease!


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