Saturday, 28 September 2013

...Hoping Moon @ Mid-Autumn

Hoping Moon (F)

Hoping Moon (R)

...comes new hope and rays of the future. During this never ending turbulance phase, may this moon cake season inspire a vibrant and glittering career ;-)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dark Moon...

Dark Moon (F) 

Dark Moon (R)

A radical mandarin gown which is designed out of disappointment in the midst of this joyous Mid-Autumn season. Important features such as mandarin collar and functional mandarin buttons maintain identity. With disappointment... 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

 Happy Moon cake Festival 2013

Animal lanterns floating and dancing...

...light your lanterns and enjoy their serenity by night...

...look for the rabbit on the moon and seek its blessings...

...finally have a bite of the moon cake delight!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Scarecrow Boutique

Sexy but presentable and it shouts feminism too! What better colour than the synonymous pink to make this statement? The geometric designs on the sides of the mini dress make it unique. Outstanding through simplicity always wins. The matching heels and leaves hair piece colour is also the correct formula for fashion execution.

As we prepare for winter by experiencing autumn, it is time to cover up with this fur coat. Some may find the leaves hair piece too outstanding. Then feminism can opt for this blending feathers hair piece. The lightly red colour feathers surrounded by black match this mini dress perfectly. Once again, your peers will compliment your perfect fashion play. Finish this set off with matching earrings and ring. Now, you are in control of the cold weather ahead!

Ahh...the ever famous leopard prints mini dress. A matching hat will be ‘over the top’. However this black feather hat will compliment your look. Go get them (guys)!

For styles to die for, do visit Scarecrow Boutique. There is definitely one for you, and I mean, ONLY you!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Best of both worlds!

I would like to thank my fans and all for their invaluable support and contribution in my Monogram Blogger Contest entry

 Best of both worlds!

I am not a fan of loafers. When I saw a celebrity wearing them in a fashion magazine, I have to check it out. I was tempted to buy when my mate keep praising its unique design and may not be available in the future. She got hers and I, Dstysionist, ended with a mine ;-) These are evergreen classic style and function. Their designs too are intermediate. So be it a formal or casual event, my footwear is sorted. Now I am jumping for joy :-) ! 
 For him...
...& her too...xoxo


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