Tuesday, 20 March 2012

SPORTILY ELEGANT – Fashion Duchess pulls it off again... ;-)

An elegant blazer, skinny jeans and trainers at once, are all against fashion principles. Again, she pulls it off elegantlyJ. The Emilio Pucci blazer may be beyond reach for most. I am sure will carry similar but affordable ones soon ;-)

Thinking twice to sweat it out? 

Replaced her elegant tops and all geared for sports in support of our 2012 Olympic team! A bad choice of trainers brand though!


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Sunday, 18 March 2012

F12 Berlinetta - The Mutant Horse!

Here is the 'mutant' looking at you!  

I mean it, you can only smell its smoke.  

Nothing special about the interior, except for the passenger 'brake' pedal ;-)  

I hate Ferrari’s V12 ever since it became a front engine sissy car more than a decade ago. Now, this ‘mutant horse’ emerges! At 6.3L, 730bhp, 0-60mph at three seconds and a top speed of 210mph, it is Ferrari's most powerful road production model yet! F12 Berlinetta stands for Front engine, 12 cylinder and Sporty coupe in Italian. It boasts two unique features which may be the first in its class. The first is ‘Aero Bridge’, a unique tunnel-like streamline design which maximises the amount of down force generated by the bonnet. The second is ‘Active Brake Cooling’. In this feature, the front brakes are cooled by a system that opens the flaps on the basis of operating temperatures. This ensures that drag is reduced when heavy use is not being made of the brakes. This is power and beauty to behold! While the horse prances high, I love Ferrari V12 once again!


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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fashion Duchess walks the 'fashion animal'

Nothing special here. This is just a fabulous photograph of our Fashion Duchess with my favourite sedan, the fashionable Jaguar XF.

To all fashionistas who are celebrating,



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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

TiTite - Inspired by Guilt

TiTite (F)

TiTite (R)

Inspired by guilt towards a kind and helpful female mate… L Hope I can get her forgiveness and blessings… ;-)

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Bag’s Talk – Everything does... and restore your handbag ;-)

A very cute self-explaintory logo

In Chinese urban legend, there is a soul in every doll. I believe there is a soul in everything. Call me an extremist or even paranoid, I care for all belongings. In return, they take care of me. Really...!

A handbag is a woman’s other half. Take good care of it and it will do the same to you too! With only a handful of professional handbag restorers in Malaysia, this little newcomer is the one to remember. Being run by its proprietor, rest assured you have all the attention and care in your quest for custom services. This is the advantage this little company has over large, reputable but unfortunately, sometimes arrogant and taking customers for granted corporations. Here, size DOES NOT matter! Give this little company a try whenever you are in Malaysia. You may never know what you may be missingJ!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Ghost Rider 2 - The Fashion of Vengeance?

The cowboy and his horse in the country side generations ago have been replaced by a leather loving devil and his motorcycle in the city present.

DO NOT do the bad. The Rider will suck the soul of sinners and send them back to hell!

Clunk, clunk, cling... There goes a bad soul to hell!

A good action movie if that is your goal.  With a lot of religion, a little love and minimum comedy, it is not as bad as critics say. The fact that everything the Ghost Rider handles comes to life is awesomely cool ;-) The one aspect that many viewers and critics fail to see is that there is good in every evil (or bad)...heh... I have to admit this movie is a fashion disaster. Then again, I have to reflect this movie’s morals, correct? Go and watch this because you will have nothing to lose! 


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