Wednesday, 18 May 2011

SIENNA MILLER - Glamour UK Top 10 Fashion Icon!

Ahhh... By now, anybody who does not know this celebrity is definitely a Martian. Her intermittent relationship with unappreciating JUDE LAW and her ever famous sister, SAVANNAH, have indirectly propelled SIENNA MILLER to fame. I fell in love with her character in ‘Stardust’ but not so in ‘G.I. Joe’. I have yet to come across harsh fashion critics on Sienna. That makes her one of a few female celebrities with fashion intuition. We will not be seeing much of her on the silver screen. She will be playing ‘Patricia’ at West End’s Theatre Royal Hamlet, London through Spring 2011. With her heightening international stardom, we have yet to see her best work. We just hope our top fashion icon will get fashionably better ;-)

SIENNA is one a few celebrities to get fashion principles correct for red carpet & casual appearances.


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