Monday, 8 August 2011

Avatar - Beginning of the end?

Like obtaining my fashion design qualifications, sometimes I am a late developer. Watching Avatar is one of these...heh... ;-) This is not necessarily bad.

These movie scenes are naturally very colourful and inspiring. Costumes are not interesting but cosmetics will trigger lots of ideas. Do not go overboard though. I can also understand how all audiences fell in love with Neytiri (ZOE SALDANA)

Fantasy meets reality. Truly inspiring!

This is a very good movie. I strongly recommend everybody to watch. It reflects how humans can go to on and destroy for what they want. This includes wiping out an alien race. It also tells us to ‘bond’ with nature to achieve the highest. Though my exposure to knowledge and life is at its infancy, this movie makes me sad on the state of the human race. For all you Gen-X, this movie is reminiscent 1990 movie, of ‘Dances with Wolves’, starring Kevin Costner. This too is a must because it is based on true events. We must change now and fast!

3D viewing is an option. There is more drama than action.


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