Monday, 16 January 2012

Fast = safe?

Time-lapse video: 30-storey hotel built in just 15 days

Chinese company has released a time-lapse video of its construction of a 30-storey mega hotel in just 15 days.

Released by the Asian sustainable building firm Broad Group, the video shows the impressive infrastructure being constructed within a 360-hour time frame in the China’s south central Hunan Province.

Using cutting-edge building technology, which uses six times less cement and is believed to be five times more energy efficient than regular construction material, the 17,000-metre-squared earthquake-proof skyscraper was completed at the end of 2011.

The Ark hotel was built using pre-fabricated modules and uses a diagonal steel bracing.

The remarkable building also boasts a filtration system with air 20 times purer inside than outside and can withstand a 9.0-magnitude earthquake, as tested by the China Academy of Building Research.

In 2010, the same firm built a 16-storey residential block in only five days.

And it’s not just the hotel that was built in the 15 days, but all the furniture has apparently been moved into the building, so it’s ready for guests.

In some cultures, speed is everything. Safety will ONLY be questioned when disaster strikes. I am NOT a qualified Civil Engineer and neither any experience in this field. You be the judge.


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