Monday, 24 December 2012

Pelangbow, over the rainbow...((( for X'mas 2012!

Pelangbow Illustration Board

Pelangbow Sketch (F) - Inspired by rain and its aftermath, the rainbow. These three colour bands are refracted the most, hence their selection out of seven colours.

Pelangbow Sketch (R) - Pelangi is rainbow in Malaysian language. The name fuses both worlds in fashion!  

After more than a dozen rainbow and rain inspired designs, this is my average client's winning choice. She choose this for the colours, spirals and unique sleeves. I am proud :-) This is also my illustration naming day, AMANDA...well, what a coincidence! I am made to serve fashion :-O Now that my design is complete for this season's greetings, you can party in this gloomy X'mas 2012 weather in full vibrancy.

Now you have a reason NOT to flee this weather...

Have a Holly Jolly X'mas & New Year!

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