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Jeans are Denim o (a big period)

Skinny jeans not tight enough? American Eagle Outfitters takes spray on to the next level

US fashion company creates 'spray-on' jeans that fit you like a second skin...

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Skinny jeans have been taken to a new level as American Eagle Outfitters solve that age-old conundrum - what do you do when your jeans just aren't skinny enough?

You know the story, you're going about your cool, hipster life sporting super skinnies, but they're creasing around the knees and keep slipping down to reveal your muffin top (what muffin top?) to the world. Well fear not, AEO has the answer.Skinny jeans that fit perfectly to your curves... AEO introduce the spray-on ©AEO

The US clothing company is offering truly spray on jeans, that won't crease, catch or ride up. But on the down side, they might not keep you very warm...

Posting an ad for the new 'jeans' online, the company announced: "Introducing our newest fit #AEOSkinnySkinny! It's our skinniest fit yet and is so comfortable you'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all."

They let you 'live your life' in jeans that give you the freedom to sit playing your guitar the way you want, skateboard like a pro without them creasing up and without the restrictive feeling tight denim can cause.

In fact they feel so natural and freeing you'll probably never go back to wearing normal jeans again. As the girl in the ad says, "they feel like they were made for me".
Spray on jeans, for when skinny's not enough
The spoof (sorry to dash your hopes super-skinny-lovers), is the latest in a trend for companies to take the micky out of themselves, most likely in the hope their commercial will go viral.

Bodyform managed it last year, producing an ad that revealed (gasp) the 'truth about periods'.

Available in indigo and bright light, you can pick them up for a limited time only on the AE website for $29.99 (£32.90). You might want to think about stocking up on thongs too.

Dstysionist says, 'Jeans are denim with all its perfection and and features (though a minority call them flaws)  These make them what they are. There are ALWAYS room for improvements. This is definitely NOT and many steps BACKWARD! If you do not like its features, DO NOT wear them. Let us not make a mockery out of this legendary apparel.'


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