Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Interstellar? You have 2 b intelligent FIRST!

Similar to 'Gravity' but with a much heavier twist to rocket science. I am interested in astronomy. However, with a heavy cocktail of relativity and physics theories, I am definitely lost... As a fashion professional, fashionably, again, it is similar to 'Gravity'. In conclusion, despite of all the media hype, handsomely appearing on the cover of 10 NOV 2014, TIME magazine issue and one of the best cast lineup, you have to be a very least a NOVICE rocket science enthusiast to qualify to watch it! Publicity certainly sold this movie and I am a victim!

These scene reminds me. As a kid, I always look at the night sky in amazement, hope and now for inspiration. *Twinkle, twinkle little star...*

In this scene, Copper reminds me of the similar role my uncle played in my childhood... Awww....

I think they are the almost perfect combination for this J!

The OTT media hype on 10 NOV 2014 TIME magazine issue cover

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