Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My surprise Into the Woods! :-O

When I found out 'Into the Woods' is a musical, I was prepared for the worst L When I think of my 'Les Miserable's' TV agonising experience, I did give this a very deep thought. 

This musical is also highlighted in Golden Globe Awards. With ANNA KENDRICK as lead actress Cinderella, I am curious of how bad will my FIRST cinema musical be. As one of life's surprises, it turned out pretty good! ;-) The plot is good. The costumes are bright, COLOURful and full of life too! My favourite female costume is Rapunzel and male is The Wolf. I may have to think over if this is my best musical yet. So my shout out to all musical skeptics, "GO AND CINEMA WATCH THIS!"J

I like the streaming details on this dress. It reflects her gentleness and bond to nature. The colour too is very feminine and bright compared to many other female characters of other movies. A big plus!

Why a humanoid character for 'The Wolf'? Why not? This adds more fun in being evil >:-)

There is also one song that capture ignited my love of this musical, 'Giants In The Sky'. It brings out my longing for adventure and rewards in life!

To my big surprise, there are no visual downloads available on the official website. More, surprisingly, the last time I check, NOW even the official website does not exist. Hence I do not have any beautiful official download for the first time :-(


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