Monday, 16 May 2016

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Civil War, Messed Up...


Law and order                                                         Righteousness

The sequel title says it all!!! Violent, messed up and in fighting...Crash...bang...booM!!!  This is a reflection of complicating and degrading social environment due to increasing population >:-( 

However, there is a plus side to this turmoil:-O Scarlett Witch's (ELIZABETH OLSEN) powerful shoulder padded coat costume emits energy and vibrancy while maintaining feminine strength. With the semi flared coat hemlines to the shins and waisted design, practicality is maintained for my favourite superhero in this movie. This proves that slimming effect CAN be used with bright COLOUR Though these scenes are brief, I believe only the fashion optimistic ones will notice.

The other invaluable 'power' that I picked up is at the scene when TONY STARK (Robert Downey Jr.) go to PETER PARKER's (TOM HOLLAND) home to invite him to his side of the team. He asked PETER, "What wakes you up every morning?"  In relating to this, in the same month, I came across 'Jane Goodall in Conversation' article on page 53, MAY 2016 Reader's Digest monthly magazine issue. She is asked, "How much does your PASSION for work have to do with aging well?" Her answer, "I just read a survey of people over 80, and they found overwhelming proof that those with passion stayed healthy and fit and driven. The others just succumbed because there was no reason not to. They weren't sick, just old. They succumbed to oldness L". My advise, DO NOT wait until you are 80, start NOW J Yea !!!

Though this movie has very small but high impact and life changing scenes, it is worth all the junk in between. So what wakes me up and my passion? I am positive that you know. Now, I will use this newly found optimistic super power on my fashionistas :-P Enjoy fashionsitas xoxo 


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