Monday, 29 July 2013

Blog User's Guide

Thank you for visiting 'Dstysionist' magical fashion realm as your browsing choice. This website contains specialist topics on fashion but general references on lifestyle and other topics. This user's guide will add to your understanding and full enjoyment of the many fine features of this website. Listed below is information prepared to acquaint you with the proper way to browse and navigate this website for the utmost in browsing pleasure:

1)   To select topics, please click on the 'Labels' listing. It is located on the right side, below 'My Websites'.

2)   You can also search this website by typing key words relating to your interest. Please type your key word in the 'Search This Blog' bar. It is is located below the 'Labels' listing. 

3)   Please note that search results may be inaccurate even though the search topic is in this website. This is due to the system or unannounced website maintenance. If this happens, try to broaden your keywords and try in different variations.

4)   For mobile and tablet users, should there be any difficulties, please click, 'View web version' on the home page for a better browsing experience.

5)   If there are multiple pop-ups while browsing our website, it may be due to your device settings. Please kindly check.

Thank you and please come again. After all, knowledge gained here is FREE! Cheers!

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