Friday, 1 July 2011

Fashion is U, NOT what is on!

 For Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala earlier this year, US singer Ciara ensured all eyes were on her by keeping the lacing on her gorgeous micro mini Emilio Pucci dress loose and pairing it with lashings of diamond accessories.

Kylie, meanwhile, took a more conservative approach when she wore the same dress to a theatre opening night last month; pulling it in tighter, and adding two actual feathers for a neat styling one-two.

The usual frustrating scenarioL: You came across a celebrity image. You love it! You purchase her frock. You don them feeling full of confidence. Later, your mates make fun. Worse still, they gossip. Feeling frustrated, you try to figure what went wrong in your hard earned investment.

Why celebrities look good in that and I DO NOTL? These reasons are below:

1.    Professionally styled – Most celebrities have sought fashion stylist or designer services. Their ensemble has been designed or selected to suit their personality or image. Their hair style, earrings, handbag etc. are set for them professionally.

2.    Personal touch – As evident in this example, one dress or apparel can be worn in many styles. It really depends on YOU.

3.    Everybody is different – The celebrity image that you saw may have a different physical appearance to you. What suits them may not work for you.

The solution:

1.    DO NOT follow blindly – This is self-explanatory.

2.    Follow your heart – Celebrities’ image is a guide. Conclusively, you must feel comfortable. That is KEY!

3.    Seek professional service – This is for the serious fashionista. If you do not have a mate in this field, lucky you because I am available!


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