Wednesday, 2 November 2011

LILY ALLEN - Force Smile on her wedding :-(

First, foremost and the most disastrous flaw is the absence of the waistline. This makes poor Lily shorter than short. I love her carrying the toy couple puppets accessories. Sooo... uniquely cute ;-)

 Her gown is all over the place. With no definition, nothing can save her.

To top flaws off, these 3D embroidery roses on the front sides of her veil makes her head look bigger. This unique design is applied on the wrong personality.

Lily’s or her designers may have gotten some inspiration from Kate Middleton’s Sarah Burton wedding gown. As I have stressed in my past tips, they have broken the ‘holy grail’ of fashion ( works on others may not on you. This lace design made Lily larger than large.

In conclusion, her wedding gown, which she is apparently all smiles, makes her shorter, larger and bigger headed. The professional who designed this should be exiled from fashion 4ever! Sorry Lily but the truth does hurt!


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