Monday, 21 February 2011

The Colour of Spring 2011

Spring is arriving! Do you want to look trendy and new always? Say, ‘Hello’ to the colour of the season and be prepared to be ‘whited out’! White is naturally associated with winter. That will make this trend transition silky smooth…

What is the best casual white?

1)    Shirt and Jeans - A white man shirt teamed with blue boyfriend jeans is the perfect combination. These two pieces are never dated.

2)   Medium Flared / Boyfriend Blue Jeans - Remember that only blue jeans are here to stay and ‘balance’ is the key to good play. They will also stay blue regardless of day or night. The flared hemlines will balance the hips. When there is balance, the result is elegance.

3)   Footwear – Team these with flats for shopping comfort or heels for that feminine elegance.


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