Friday, 22 July 2011

Green Lantern - Green is in!

Hooray! One more comic superhero brought to life at the silver screens. Who better to play the role of the woman behind this successful superhero than the stunning BLAKE LIVELY?  Do we adore her? I do! J Though her character, Carol Ferris, is reminiscent of Serena Van Der Woodsen, she still gets my thumbs up for her role. What disappoints me most is the lack of life and colour of women’s costume and fashion L Maybe this is not the highlight of the movie. Other than the green themed costumes of the Lanterns, women’s fashion is to the minimum. Nevertheless, improving in this aspect will do no harm. It may life up this movie more ;-) 

Being green and able to conjure anything makes the Green Lantern makes the perfect guardian of nature. As with all superhero movies, the fight between good and evil is expected. However, the element of personal character building and discovery certainly makes us reflect. These make it different from other superhero movies that I can think of that I have watched. I do not want to be a spoiler. You have to watch to know more. I must disagree that the portrayal of good is beautiful and bad as ugly. L This may mislead viewers in relation to reality. This is definitely bad!

In conclusion, this is a very good superhero movie and a must for this summer. Rest assured that RYAN REYNOLDS will not disappoint J

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