Friday, 9 March 2012

Ghost Rider 2 - The Fashion of Vengeance?

The cowboy and his horse in the country side generations ago have been replaced by a leather loving devil and his motorcycle in the city present.

DO NOT do the bad. The Rider will suck the soul of sinners and send them back to hell!

Clunk, clunk, cling... There goes a bad soul to hell!

A good action movie if that is your goal.  With a lot of religion, a little love and minimum comedy, it is not as bad as critics say. The fact that everything the Ghost Rider handles comes to life is awesomely cool ;-) The one aspect that many viewers and critics fail to see is that there is good in every evil (or bad)...heh... I have to admit this movie is a fashion disaster. Then again, I have to reflect this movie’s morals, correct? Go and watch this because you will have nothing to lose! 


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