Monday, 12 March 2012

The Bag’s Talk – Everything does... and restore your handbag ;-)

A very cute self-explaintory logo

In Chinese urban legend, there is a soul in every doll. I believe there is a soul in everything. Call me an extremist or even paranoid, I care for all belongings. In return, they take care of me. Really...!

A handbag is a woman’s other half. Take good care of it and it will do the same to you too! With only a handful of professional handbag restorers in Malaysia, this little newcomer is the one to remember. Being run by its proprietor, rest assured you have all the attention and care in your quest for custom services. This is the advantage this little company has over large, reputable but unfortunately, sometimes arrogant and taking customers for granted corporations. Here, size DOES NOT matter! Give this little company a try whenever you are in Malaysia. You may never know what you may be missingJ!

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