Friday, 25 May 2012

Alfa Romeo MiTo (by BBruago) - The Cicada on Wheels!

My good mate has been feeling down since the demise of her close friend ToT I was with her throughout but lay helpless to save her mate. Till this day, I still carry the burden of guilt. 

As I was browsing a local toy store, I came across this die-cast model of Alfa MiTo by BBurago. I immediately thought of her. She mentioned that she liked this car that overtook her in a flash on the motorway last year. Though she had a vague memory of this, I remember her telling me clearly in a burst of laughter. This may be due to the car looking like a cicada and my cars interest as well. To see her smile upon receiving my gift certainly made my day. Definitely giving is better than receiving ;-)

Car in a box, and...

..out of the box!

All angles profile

 A very highly detailed interior. Even the gauges comes with needles!

 The engine bay is definitely above average in details but not to my expectations

Apart from the base holder holes and the embossed names, I wonder if the bottom of the real car looks like this?

The name and brand

To the best of my knowledge and observation, BBurago is the last of quality die-cast car model makers. With high details and almost real car-like finishing, it is the closest to the real thing in a tissue box. I personally recommend 1/24 scale. It is one of these hobby standards which are not bulky. It is small without sacrificing model details.

Now, let us look at the REAL thing below:

Compare it with the photo of a cicada above. See any similarities?

 A bullet-like sleek side profile

My, what a nice looking butt you have!

 Nothing fancy about the cockpit. The position of the central air conditioning vents and stereo looks like bugs face...heh... 

 These seats look hard

Alfa's unique toy-like DNA switch. Looks fake, ain't it? 

As for the real car, what more could you be asking? At turbocharged 155bhp, top speed of 215km/h and 0-100km/h in 8 seconds, all in a small 1.4L package? You have to be kidding me? :-P Looking more like a cicada, you can ‘bug’ most cars below 2.0L without resistance. As a bonus, you get a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating and Alfa’s unique DNA (Dynamic, Normal, and All-weather) driving mode selection system. As for other aspects, you have to research your own. Now, you will be ‘bugged’!


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