Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dark Shadows – Dark but >:-O

Due to my busy schedule, I have to choose between ‘Avengers’ and ‘Dark Shadows’. After watching too many superheroes movies, I was tempted by these beautiful lady characters of ‘Dark Shadows’. After watching, I realised that this was featured in Glamour UK’s JUN 2012 issue. Now, I am still confident that I have a destiny with fashion ;-)

Though I was sceptical, EVA GREEN is superb in portraying this character. Fashion and glamour definitely brings Angelique Bouchard’s evil to life! Her red glitter ball dress for Colinsport will be embedded in my memory for eternity...

Who can forget the resident shrink, Dr. Julia Hoffman? I cannot help noticing that HELENA BONHAM CARTER looks very pear shape here as compared to Harry Porter’s Bellatrix Lestrange. Watch her and be the judge. Thanks to her fabulous costume designs with high waist, darker shade to slim her bottom and long sleeve cropped jacket-like dress (all evident above) she manages to pull them off. With her radical character, hippie-like dresses and a serious drinking problem, she herself is a nut-case! You have to check out her hair, ladies! Lol

For my fashionistas who want a modest and simple appearance, idolise Victoria Winters.

From these diverse female characters, there will be one to suit you. With lots of darkness, comedy and fashionable costumes, this is a must watch for all fashionistas!


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