Saturday, 4 August 2012

Run...jump... to World Record! ‘Wowmen’ power!

As British women athletes are working hard in records and medals, we are also posting more in recognising them. Hooray for them :-O 

Running and jumping in the 100m hurdles to a women’s heptathlon world record is mighty. This further proves that a mix of beauty and power does exist in JESSICA ENNIS J! Now, when we mention heptathlon, we picture JESSICA ENNIS, go...go...go...JENNIS!

Sheer delight after breaking the 100m hurdles to a women’s heptathlon world record (top) Happily high jumping (bottom) 

Her women athletic uniform is colouful and vibrant. It is much better than cyclists'. The design can be better by incorporating Team GB's 'Pride the Lion' mascot or logo. Then, not only will the colour but motif is instantly recognised as Team GB (Great Britain) athletes! 

Beauty and elegance is well represented here. The colour scheme can be better ;-)


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