Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mascots in my life!

I hate the London 2012 logo and did not look forward to this event. However, their mascots hypnotised me with its massive eye! They make me look at this event from a different view. It has made up my love with London 2012. I enjoyed this event very much with the Closing Ceremony as its climax. With a story behind its design and inspiration for a legacy (and me too), I am happy to support and be part of the 30th Olympiad. Welcome to my life Wenlock and Mandeville and be on a lookout for me ;-)

I was sent my old order and given an uninformed out of stock refund! Mandeville key ring is low quality :-( Better wrong than nothing at all, right? True. Appealing for the correct order now. Will wait patiently if I can purchase more Wenlock and Sports Collection Coins! Will keep you posted ;-)

Special Edition Wenlock Figurine, front view (top) and side view (bottom) 

Finally, my second batch of Wenlocks, Mandeville and Sports Collection 50p Coins has arrived in class! I purchased these from a toy company because London 2012 Shop has closed. Surprisingly, they arrived by DHL carrier services. They (souvenirs) are a lucky lot! These complete my London 2012 collection, I think... I really miss London 2012... ToT

I guess from my obsession with these mascots, you know them by now. Classic Figurines, front view (top) and side view (bottom) respectively 

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