Friday, 23 November 2012

TAKEN 2 SKYFALL: A double review

Taken 2

Fashion is ruled out here. I will make this short. This movie is about action and drama. It also reminds us that we can hone our skills and senses without the use of technologies. That is how animals migrate and we being GPS dependent for our mobility. We have already lost our sense of time. Let us not lose our sense of direction as well. Go watch it to get what I mean and happy viewing... J

Skyfall 007

Since DANIEL CRAIG took the helm of 007, I was NOT impressed. Gone are the days of PIERCE BROSNAN and his suave style. With minimum gadgets, fashion and the absence of a Bond car, this is definitely a downfall. Maybe this is a new concept which is not my expectations. This time round, the 50th Anniversary James Bond franchise have mega disappointed me. Even the website is lack of visual downloads. The plot is not new and reminiscent of ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, where ‘information is mightier than the sword’. Have the production lost its creativity? For fans who want all those mentioned, use your money elsewhere. For die-hard fans like me, go catch it and share your disappointment, if you have... L


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