Wednesday, 21 August 2013

NAME CARD – First Impression Counts!

My print dealer that provided excellent past services by designing and printing my name card has surprisingly decided to rip me off when I replenished my stock. Not knowing the reason for this, I am very disappointed. Fortunately, I have acquired the knowledge and skills to design my own and researched other printing resources. MY new name card now features my muse AMANDA. This is one of my many bad experiences that have a happy ending. Now, I have a greater sense of accomplishment and pride with my new name card.
Depending on one’s preference, a presentable conditioned name card is important for a good first impression. Unfortunately, I did not receive any advice and I discovered these through costly experience. Below, are invaluable tips I would like to share in hope that none will repeat my mistakes:

1)    8.5cm x 5.0cm size – This may seem small but it fits comfortably in most wallets and purses. There is still a lot more allowances should these pockets or compartments are smaller.

2)    Rounded corners – Looking good has a purpose. This will minimize ugly bends and friction effects.

3)    Matt Laminated Art Paper – Request for tear and water resistant ones with a weight  NOT below 200gsm. This will ensure durability.

4)    Card box – Regardless of material, ensure that the name card storage box has a hole underneath. This will ease removing the name cards from the box without fumbling over.

I hope these will work well and leave a lasting good impression for all.

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