Thursday, 29 May 2014

Clip-on Shade from DANGER :-O

The complete sun shade set.

The plastic clip-on attaches by internal magnets in the bridge.

The rear of the spectacles without the clip-on sun shades. 

The rear of the spectacles with the clip-on sun shades.

I have been using prescription spectacles for 15 years. I always hate them! After hunting high and low for a year, I have finally found a new pair I embrace. From Cyber Eyeworks unisex pair, it features plastic frame, clip-on polarized shades, flexible spring hinges and a variety of vibrant colours and designs, one has to be contempt. For my prescription lens, I choose Hoya HVP (Hoya Single Vision & Progressive) aspheric, high index 1.67, UV protection, multi coating with scratch resistant. With my first time donning shades, I am loving my prescription spectacles!

Rising temperatures and apparent global warming? Never has been a better time to purchase the most functional prescription spectacles. As I always think of my fans, listed below are some tips for making that wise ;-) selection:

1)    Plastic frame – Plastic is a bad conductor of heat. This feature will protect your eye from burn and heat.

2)    Shades – UV protection, plastic lens and polarized are important features for frequent outdoors.

3)    Spring hinges – For accidental collisions, this will increase durability.

J Listed below are tips to maintaining the showroom look eyewear:

1)    Prescription lens – Face spectacles downwards with temples facing upwards. Wet finger tip with water. Gently rub lens. Then wet finger tip with a little bath gel and repeat. After, use a very damp microfiber lens cloth and gently wipe lens and then the whole spectacles. Lastly, use a dry microfiber lens cloth to finish.

2)    Polarized shades – Rinse in slow tap water. Then dap gently with microfiber lens cloth. Depending on usage, (1) & (2) should be done at least once at day’s end.

3)    Storage – Always store spectacles wrapped in microfiber lens cloth in a hard case. It should  face upwards. 

 Remember to protect skin with SPF 50 sunblock too! Now we can enjoy the sun and the bright future it energizes.


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