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Health Status Guide

We have been promoting a FREE knowledge and NO obligation beauty talk to our old contact circle. Our Forever Living up line suggested these. However, other than our down lines' contacts, none of ours attended. I felt guilty as our up line put so much effort but we did not deliver directly. This knowledge is new to us. We have been putting it to good use as a health status guide. We can access our health status by looking in the mirror and hey, it is FREE! 

Hence, I would like to benefit all my fashionistas! I am confident all will benefit from this and achieve good health resulting in happiness and rewarding in beauty J

Face mapping: What are your spots telling you?
19 APRIL 2013We're often left baffled by a sudden outbreak of spots concentrated in one area of the face. Is it hormone-related? Did I miss my five-a-day? 

The ancient art of face mapping can help you identify the cause of your blemishes by splitting the face into several sections such as forehead, chin and nose and understanding the different 'zones'.

Each area reflects a different part of your internal health, so what exactly do pimples on certain areas mean?
 HELLO! Online takes you behind a facial spot map…

Face mapping

Zones 1 & 3: The Digestive System
Chocolate and spots are a synonymous combination but, in general, high amounts of fat within your diet can lead you to breakout across your forehead. Cleanse your diet with antioxidant-rich green tea and up your water intake to clear this area.

Zone 2: Liver 
Alcohol and dairy are said to be the main causes for spots in this area as well as reactions to food allergies. Consult your doctor first if you are worried about intolerance but otherwise.

Zones 4, 6, 8 and 10: Kidneys 
Spots close to your ear and even dark circles around the eyes can be caused by dehydration. Make sure you keep well hydrated throughout the day by drinking, at least, eight glasses of water a day and avoiding coffee, tea and salt whenever possible.

Zone 7: Heart 
This area is skin is full of dilated pores so make sure your make-up brushes and anything that you bring close to your face are kept clean. Try to reduce high blood pressure for an internal solution to clearing spots in this area. Replace 'bad' fats with more fruits, vegetables, nuts and Omega-rich fish and consult your doctor if you have any further heart-related concerns.

Zones 5 & 9: Respiratory system 
If you're a smoker you may find that you are more prone to acne along the tops of your cheeks. However, like most people, increasing your exposure to fresh air with long and regular walks can do wonders for your complexion. 

Zone 11 & 13: Hormones 
For many women, this zone is a key indicator of stress and hormonal imbalances particularly around a certain time of the month. While there is little to do that can prevent these changes, eating clean with plenty of exercise will do more good than bad for your complexion.

Zone 12: Stomach 
If your diet has been loaded with rich and heavy foods then consider a detox or adding more fibre to your diet and exercise to routine to help with digestion.

14: Illness
Spots here can indicate that your body is trying to fight off bacteria. Take it easy if you begin feeling unwell and drink plenty of water to give your body some time to relax.


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