Friday, 27 June 2014

Maleficent, magnificent!

 Get ready to meet your match, Evil!

 It is payback time!

This movie is reminiscent of my life since I discovered my talent in fashion. More coincidental, one of the characters has a very close resemblance to mine and my present journey. Do you know which? That is of course, excluding the happy ending, YET!

Throughout Maleficent, I am transported from my present darkness to a world of hope in the form of sorcery in fantasy. Magic, fantasy and nature are all my favourites and inspirations in fashion. Maleficent’s costumes incorporates all these, hence one of my favourites ;-) The princess has very disappointing costumes. Maybe this is in line with the story. This is opposed to the prince. A hypnotic charm for all princesses… Awww… It is my favourite prince costume by far. All can be improved and the injection of COLOUR in appropriate scenes should have more impact.

It is a story of nature fighting back against the greed and tyranny of human. These are also some of my causes. I hope these humans will experience soon! The moral of the story is how one good turned evil. The one element that returned that one to good is a surprising and logical too J My favourite scene is the appearance of the dragon…burnnn…

Since I started reviewing movies on my website, this is my FAVOURITE one. Yes it is! This may be due to many personal connections I have with Maleficent and the happy ending that awaits me. To me, it is a MUST watch and worth every penny. Meet you at the happy end, Yippee!

Is this the princess? You be the costume judge.

 Comfort, harmony and beauty for all, as Mother nature intended J

Natural rebels, FINALLY appears...

...and for all who do not appreciate, TAKE THAT, RoaRRR...


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