Friday, 4 July 2014

Viva Festival!

There are many trendy outdoor events in the summer from Soccer World Cup 2014, F1, Wireless to Glastonbury and countless more. Unfortunately, clouded by excitement, my fashionistas tend to overdress or under dress L Not to worry. With my expertise and research, I have compiled the almost perfect outdoor outfit. Once again, without fail, though after my long absence from fashion writing, I am confident my fashionistas can continue partying in style with tips listed below…Yea…;-)

1)  Light Coloured Top – Worried your light won’t stay bright? “Layer up: pop a colourful cape over a white top or tie a shirt around your waist to protect light coloured shorts. Scientifically, a lighter colour reflects more heat and absorbs more positive energy. These will fuel you and your mates for that all day activity.

2)  Bag – “A small handbag is fine: all you really need is SPF, hand sanitiser, lip balm, money and your phone. A long strap keeps it out of the way while dancing.”

3)  Shorts – “Invest in shorts like you would jeans: a great pair will be just as useful off the festival grounds. Refrain from tight or super-short for that comfort, mobility and decency without sacrificing style. Ensure that your shorts colour is darker than your top for that staining durability. If all fails, then dark coloured boyfriend jeans is the way forward

4)  Boots and Flats – Wedges outside VIP area is fine. Embrace the evergreen trend with the comfort and mobility of flats.

Hat and shades top these off, party on fashionistas…

After reading, which is the ideal festival outfit? Hmmm…

You don’t have to be Rosie to steal her style, where applicable, of course ;-)


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