Wednesday, 20 April 2011

10 Minute Make-up!

Make-up consuming too much time but still cannot leave home without? Then this will be your perfect (almost) fix:

1)    0-2 minutes: Foundation – Apply for that fresh look.

2)    2-4 minutes: Lashes – Fast mascara lashes wake up your eyes. Always use water-proof for minimum side effects.

3)    4-5 minutes: Lipstick – Red means ‘go’!

4)    5-7 minutes: Fringed hair – Hold up your hair. Backcomb securely from the ends to the roots.

5)    7-9 minutes: Nails – Apply fast drying nail enamels. DO NOT match your enamel colour with your attire.

6)    9-10 minutes: Extra time out! – If not, apply some blushes for rosy cheeks.


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