Friday, 22 April 2011

Wow! That Brows!

Brow Care


Eyes are window of the soul and your brows are the curtains. Well, that unfamiliar addition... ;-) is my own. How do you upkeep your brows so that they compliment your eyes perfectly? Listed below are some ever useful tips:

1)    After bath time – This is the best time to pluck. Your skin will be warm and your pores open. After plucking each hair, use your finger and apply firm pressure to stop stinging.

2)    Good tweezers – A good investment will last a lifetime.

3)    Start gradually – You do not want a drastic overnight look.

4)    Let there be light – Daylight is perfect. If not, your mirror must be brightly lit. After plucking each hair, brush your brow into shape. Remove strays then.

5)    Start below – Locate the highest part of your brow. Now pluck the hair directly beneath that. This method, you will not lose the outlines of your brow. When plucking, ALWAYS look straight at the mirror.

6)    Access – See from a distance. Give your newly pluck brows a few days to ‘set-in’

7)    Nothing is perfect – Define your brows but DO NOT aim for perfection. You will over pluck with regret.

8)    Leave the top – NEVER pluck the top of your brow. If you do, your shape will be unnatural. You may pluck up to two strays. If they are more, choose the ones that are most obvious.

9)    Check fall – BEFORE plucking, ALWAYS check where the hair root falls. You do not want a bare patch.

10)  No drawing – Never draw or pencil your plan to pluck. This will camouflage the actual shape.


Never, never and NEVER:

1)    Over-pluck - This is self-explanatory.

2)    Mono-brow – Dark hairs will be visible between brows. This will be a ‘turn off’ for guys and ‘close’ your face. Pluck or thread them into oblivion.

3)    Shave – The worst can be tidied without this drastic measure!

4)    Neglect – Always keep them tidy by brushing or plucking. A few hairs are all it takes to ‘turn off’ guys.

5)    Tattoo – Unnatural and rough. What more can be said?

Brow Make-up

Nothing is perfect, correct? Hence we use make-up to aim for perfection but without permanent damage. Very often, the arch is a little scanty. There may be gap or brows that are asymmetrical. Make-up gives the brows more impact, definition and length. Listed below are these finishing touches:

1)    Shadows – Begin with these. Once you have mastered this art, progress to pencils.

2)    Correct colour – The general rule of thumb is no more than two shades darker than the hair on your head. If this is difficult to obtain, then a gray-brown colour will suit most.

3)    Start further – Start a little distance from the bridge of your nose.

4)    Different areas, different techniques – Feathery strokes near the nose but longer down the arch and outer edge.

5)    Moisture differs – In shadow applications, the drier the brush, the softer the cloud of colour.


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