Friday, 4 March 2011

Men's Shoes

Your feet support your body. Shoes protect your feet and provide the best grip. For your body, it deserves the best. From my experience, shoes must have these features as listed below: 

1)    Sufficient grip – On all conditions and surfaces.

2)    Agility – Shoes must be durable while allowing the user to move about with ease.

3)    Dry feet – Water must not seep in when worn in the rain.

4)    All entry – Free to enter all premises.

Grip is my top priority. Naturally, I have been a long fan of trainers. However, on spontaneous occasions, I cannot enter some premises. Trainers are classed as strictly informal. I only met (1) and (2) of these above features while (3) and (4) remained. With wide choices, I finally found the suitable one. Which urban shoes are perfect for the casual, can pass as formal and still provide agility?  

The answer: Hush Puppies Highlander

100% waterproofness from heel to toe means bone-dry feet for sure. Any day, their lace-free, down-to-Earth style is comfortable. Flexible and lightweight, too.
  • Waterproof, full-grain leather uppers
  • Latex-sealed seams ensure no leaks
  • Cushioning polyurethane outsole provides flexible traction
  • Removable, leather-lined, EVA insole with gel heel pad for comfort
  • Wicking mesh and leather lining
  • Dual gore panels for a custom fit
  • Padded collar.
  • Each approx. 3 1/2"h., 12 ozs.

Why Hush Puppies Highlander?

1)    World’s first casual – Hush Puppies created casual shoes in 1958. Usually, pioneers are the best due to their vast experience.

2)    Waterproof – This is self explanatory.

3)    Best of both worlds – Loafers meet this requirement. This is another reason for selecting brown. They are not too formal or informal. I can go anywhere in the urban now!

By no choice, these shoes had to be used into an inch of water in a flooded car park last year. This was the real waterproof test and they passed with flying colours! These shoes also provide excellent grip on all surfaces. In my short experience, other than trainers, only a handful of brands have this important feature. It has been two years now. They have been problem free.

Listed below are a few tips for maximum durability:

1)    Use socks – It may be trendy to go sockless. However, sweat and moisture will deteriorate the shoe interior in less than a year! These in turn will result in rashes for sensitive skin.

2)    Dry immediately – Even though they are waterproof, it is advisable to wipe them dry immediately. Water deteriorates shoes.

3)    Walking surfaces – DO NOT use these shoes to walk on rocky or gravel surfaces. Remember that they are urban casual shoes and NOT built tough!

4)    Collar care – When slipping on these shoes, care should be taken NOT to crush the collar. This is another shoe deteriorating process. A shoe horn can be used to minimise this. However, some shoe horns are flawed. The opposite may happen. A flawed shoe horn over extends the shoe collar.

5)    Storage – Store your shoes CLEAN with oxygen absorbers in their box. Keep the box in a well ventilated area. Put the ‘paper balls’ that come in these shoes. All these will minimise stains, fungus and maintain their shape respectively.

Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end. Hush Puppies ceased Highlander production in 2010. Current models that have similar features:

1)    Main
        2)    Sidewall

I write with a heavy heart, exactly five years after purchasing my first and most durable loafers yet, sadly they have started to deteriorate. They served me well. I do not know if they have outlived their lifespan or deteriorated prematurely. Only memories are left from these wonderful pair of loafers that have soled me through.

It makes sense that these heels give way first due to the body weight pressure.

Rear view of the wear.

Beginning of the end of the wear and tear on the front of these loafers.


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