Sunday, 13 March 2011

Maximise Spring 2011 Updates!

If you are generously curved and perfectly proportioned then you are voluptuous. Lucky you because this spring, it is time to ‘maximise’ your style! Maxi dresses have hit the stores and it is time to grab one. Listed below are some tips for your selection:

1)    Dark colours – They visually slim the silhouette.

2)    Loose fabrics – Satin, for example, skim your body rather than cling on to it.

3)    High waist – Fluted sleeves, cinched and high waist works perfectly. Your arms appear smaller, smallest body part emphasised and legs elongated. How is that for elegance?

4)    Small prints – They will not bulk your figure.

5)    Peep toes – Open styles leaves your feet exposed thus visually lengthening legs.

6)    Little dress – One with a low and rounded neckline will give you a cute edge.

A plunging neckline prides cleavage. This minimises your bust simultaneously. Can be worn during maternity too (right). The gathered point at the middle of your waist, emphasises your curves. They give you a fuller figure as well.

                                 A more effective 'illusion' of a fuller figure is evident here.

The ribbon from the waistline of the purple dress (left), elongates your lower body. It distracts the viewer to the bow detail. The chest details on the blue dress (right), has the same distraction purpose. It also give the effect of a smaller chest. Notice how well the waistline works here.


With so many event mess ups, it is time to stay optimistic and bright. What can be brighter than ORANGE? Scientific research also proves that orange is the most positive mood booster. Orange will definitely attract attention. You would not want to attract too much of it though. Keep accessories to the minimum and you will look like a star J may think that you are too bright. Team this with another Spring 2011 colour, white. The mixing stops here and it is time to shine on all!

These asymetric gathers from the right waist gives you a figure. The ribbon is short as not to clash with the illusion of the gathers. The left slit sleeve gives you that sexy edge and balances the gathers.


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