Friday, 25 March 2011

Torch through Fashion

You are mobile and want to stay connected. There is no better gadget than Blackberry Torch 9800. This slide mobile is the only blackberry with touch screen option. The screen is bigger by proportion than other models. It is very sensitive. It is best to pay full attention when in use to avoid unintentional commands. It comes with loads of features similar to a small computer. You can also download themes from reliable websites that personalises the colour of the LED indicator on the front and flash at the rear. Now you are special ;-)

Among these features that set this model from the rest are listed below:

1)    Memory – 512MB on board memory and 4GB SD media card package. It is the largest memory of all models. No you can snap and store all your lovely photos.

2)    Camera – 5MP camera! This IS for you J

Mobile care tips are the same as digital camera. See ‘Lifestyle Picture of You’ post for more info.


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