Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Royal Revamp with Vengeance

After years of public humiliation, insult and most evil of criticisms by the media and people alike, Princess BEATRICE of York has returned with a royal vengeance! Fashion and apparel has been set professionally for our ‘dark’ princess. Is she a contender to our fashion duchess, Princess KATE MIDDLETON, Duchess of Cambridge? Only time will tell... She should have come to the Dstysionist years ago. Then again, he was little known then...L

She is out to get all of you scumbags! So all you sinners get ready for the next wave of royal fashion attack!

Above is the frumpy image just three years ago. With frills and flairs all over her, definitely she looks bigger. The opened up trench just made her look messy. With colours that are far too light with no apparel and colour coordination, all her weaknesses are highlighted. A fashionista's worst nightmare!

With a slender physique, now is the time to enjoy this floral shift. I think she can wear brights now as opposed to this.

This garment design on the left has the correct silhouette but wrong designs. A high waistline and hemlines above the knee enhances height. A low neck line, dark colour and handbag matching shoes are all wrong for such new beauty. She may be trying too hard here.

Again, the right purple dress colour that is far too dark. Besides this, it has  all the correct traits. A matching handbag and hat will project more elegance. 

Here we see her good choice of fashion and apparel at our fashion duchess royal wedding 2011. A more cinched waist and thicker belt may help enhance her sender figure. Good ensemble though.


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