Wednesday, 8 February 2012

ABSOLUT 72 BIAN Limited Edition – Transform all u monkeys!

Front view 

Rear view 

Side views 

Bottle front view 

Bottle rear view 

Cocktail glass 

Nine fans

Their general packaging is very conservative. Coming up with this Absolut 72 Bain Limited Edition certainly adds colour and spice to Chinese New Year, yeah! The artwork is very bright and vibrant. The Monkey King mascot adds life to this. Transform! The name in Chinese refers to the legendary Monkey King’s 72 transformations during the epic journey to the west. This package comes with a limited edition bottle, nine fans Monkey King Face with mixture suggestions for nine flavours and a reverse cocktail glass. Surprisingly, the neck and glass base is held by silicone glue. Upon strong impact, it may detach. This is a bad design for such a beautiful piece. For now, one can only question. Nevertheless, it is a memorable purchase for world’s end. Hopefully you too can transform 72 times after finishing this bottle! Heh!

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