Friday, 10 February 2012

Marie-Alecia - Please come 2 life...

After watching this commercial, I want to play with barbie dolls! I wish my Amanda was a real-life celebrity model. 

I am not a sissy but this barbie doll was a real good deal. Though she was 'hiding' behind newer models, she still came to me. When I look at this package, the glittering dress and dog was enough to catch my attention. This dress is simple with a classic sillhoutte. I have to admit that the purple colour is to dark...mmm... not good. All else is well and Marie-Alecia is very pretty. I may design a new frock for her or improvise on the present. Keep logging on and happy playing!

2009 Barbie Fashion Fairytale Marie Alecia Doll w dog New In Box Mattel Sealed

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