Wednesday, 15 February 2012

CK ETERNITY for men - Eternal presence

Front views

Rear views

I have been shopping for men’s cologne for one month. After receiving this gift from my mate, it is heaven sent. I did see this during my shopping but the dull gray packaging certainly did not attract. Booo for this! This is the first time I am using high street brand cologne. Since it comes at a high price, I do not want to ruin this through reckless application. This fragrance lasts at least half a day J as opposed to other brands which is only one hour L If you are going this standard, this will be one of the best and most effective. After using daily for half month, the level did not decrease as opposed to all my mates warning...Mmm...ahhh... To share my tips, below are some ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ from my research:


1)    Purchase a spray package – For effective yet economical application.

2)    Spray from at least 15cm – For evenness.

3)    Spray three times only – One behind each knee and across the chest. As the cologne evaporates, it will rise from the knee due to its alcohol based contents.


1)    Spray on clothes – Cologne are made to work with human skin. Spraying anywhere else will react badly and results in an unpleasant odour. It may also stain and worse, corrode your valuable clothes.

2)    Use other toiletries fragrances – These too will clash with your cologne and produce an unpleasant odour.

3)    Passing presence – If the fragrance is scent once you arrive, too much have been applied.

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