Monday, 20 June 2011

The Handbag

An undated design will give you lots of returns in your investment.
With its sapcious interior, rest assured all your essentials fit including a special mobile holder.
Store all sorts of cards here. Additional compartments for others too.

The handbag that meets the strictest fashionista's criteria, Anya Hindmarch Maxi Satchel.

The handbag is a must for most fashionistas. Used correctly, it is a useful accessory. The handbag actually distracts from your weaknesses (if any) or enhances your strengths. Of course there are some rules on these. They are as listed below:

1)    NO Matching – Do NOT match your handbag and shoes. If you leave your handbag bag and ‘glide’ around, your shoes will be out of place.

2)    Match with your hat – Do match it with your hat!

3)    Safety – Always ensure your handbag is on the opposite side of on-coming traffic. For that casual look and safer, hang it across your body.  

4)    Suitable size – Not too big or frumpy. It will be little you.

Luxury is one's choice. However, should one be hesitant, listed below is a more assuring failsafe checklist:

1 - Sole fitting - Does the lusted-after item fit in with your existing wardrobe? If it requires hard work and further purchases to make it fit, is it really worth it?

2 - Affordability - Can you genuinely afford it, or will you be forced to eat beans on toast for months?!

3 - Evaluate - Wait at least 24 hours. Sleep on it. Are you still getting fashion pangs?

4 - All season - Will it stand the test of time? There's no point investing in an item that'll fall to bits or not suit you when the trends move forward.

5 - Compatibility - Without too much thought, can you imagine five different outfits you can wear with the new item?


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