Thursday, 23 June 2011

Print and be heard!

I am no fan of printsL I strongly discourage anyone from wearing prints unless you know the effect that you want. The best I can do for this summer’s 2011 big news are some basics so that it will not backfire like this below.

ISABEL LUCAS’ trousers is too wide legged and too large gridded print. It makes her legs look huge. Surely a ‘NO’ from me! 

Basics in dangerous territory are:

1.     Print and plain – If you are wearing print, your handbag should be plain. Visa versa too.

2.     One print type ONLY – DO NOT mix print types. This includes amongst your clothes, apparel or accessories.

3.     Effects warning – Patterns in some places can make body parts they cover look bigger or smaller like this example above.

4.     Purr-fect – Animal prints are always trendy. If leopards are too common, try tiger stripes for that desired statement.


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