Wednesday, 15 June 2011

First Official Royal Public Function :-)

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge attend their first official public engagement. The newlyweds are photographed at the 10th annual ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) Gala Dinner on behalf of The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry at Perks Field, Kensington Palace,

Our fashion duchess has done it again! Yea! Maybe this time, she has overdone it? L The upwards curved waistline further enhances her already known slender figure and height. Simply fabulous and the first of her frocks, I think... Has our fashion duchess started a new trend by matching her hair and clutch colour? :-O I APPROVE!  Frilly sleeves, only for our fashion duchess. Non-royals, stay away! However, this vertical embellished embroidery is unnecessary for her almost perfect figure. Try another orientation and do not try too hard, our fashion duchess. On the whole, this is a good ensemble. Our duke is happy too ;-)! 



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