Tuesday, 7 June 2011



Unless you are the duchess, matching hat and dress coat is a ‘no’. These look busy. The dress coat has floral prints so the hat should be plainly designed or visa-versa. Matching colours are fine. Her heels and clutch do not match which is a big ‘yes’. Do match your clutch with your waistband or belt. Notice that she mostly wears a high waistline and dress hemlines above her knees. All these are height enhancing illusions. Duchess, you have done it before and again.

A veiled floral hat to match this black and gloom dress coat gives life to this ensemble. Black heels give a good finish. The frilled dress coat and pink inner dress reflects feminism and elegance. I know you are trying hard. Unfortunately PIPPA, you are still a commoner, a different league, ineligible to compete!

I do not understand how this comparison can arise. L This really degrades our duchess. She is in a class of her own set by her unique style. I am sure all you KATE fans agree with me J


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